Curves 'em Right(9)

By: Milly Taiden

“I am,” she said, her voice still a mere whisper.

If Kane was here, that meant...

“She looks just as good from behind as she does from the front,” another voice said.

She glanced over her shoulder. Sure enough it was Blake in a costume identical to the one Kane had on. She knew she’d worn a face mask, but how did they not recognize her? Of course. They’d never really seen her like this. Without her glasses, and the last time she’d seen the two of them was years ago when she was in college. Back then she’d hidden behind big long dresses and sweats. It was only a few years ago that she’d changed her whole way of dressing to blend with her personality.

“You’re Blake,” she breathed as the two men crowded around her.

Kane removed his face mask and sniffed. His brows dropped down in a frown. “I can’t scent you.”

Blake touched her arm and goose bumps broke over her skin. She glanced at him and watched him inhale. “I can’t either.”

“You’re not supposed to scent me,” she said, her voice growing huskier. “You’re supposed to follow your instinct.” She fed them the same line Gerri had given her.

It was like her biggest fantasy come true. Blake and Kane. Both men she’d wanted years ago paying attention to her. She wanted to say something but feared the more she spoke, the easier it would be for them to realize it was her. She didn’t want the fantasy to end. If she could get a night with them, she would give up Aurelis’s cakes for a year. Okay, a month, but that was huge for her.

“Take the mask off,” Kane said, reaching for her hand.

She shook her head, feeling brave under the mask. These men were her brother’s friends. They would run out of that garden faster than a speeding bullet if they knew it was her. For years she’d known that being Marcos’s sister had made her the one person they wouldn’t touch. So she’d stayed away from them. Not like she needed the temptation anyway. But now here they were. Both showing interest in her and she had done nothing but stand there and say a handful of words. Maybe she wouldn’t find her one true love tonight, but she was sure going along with whatever these two had in mind for her.

“I’d feel better with it on,” she whispered, keeping her voice soft. It wasn’t hard when her chest felt tight from lack of oxygen. Sweat gathered in her palms. She swiped them on the short skirt, gripping the material in her fists.

Kane drew closer his face mere inches from hers, and inhaled. “Nothing. It’s so strange. I can’t scent you but something tells me you’re the right one.”

Excitement flooded her veins in a quick dizzying high. She bit her lip in order to not say anything incriminating and glanced at Blake.

His eyes were bright with the power of his animal. “I feel the same.”

“Did she tell you about us? That we’re a pair?” Kane asked, pulling her long hair from inside her cape and gliding his fingers through her tresses.

She swallowed back a moan and stopped herself from leaning into his touch. Jesus. She wanted so badly to say something to them to the effect of “get naked and show me what you got”, but didn’t think that would go over well.

“She did.”

Kane grabbed her hand and placed it flat on his chest. The shifting muscles under his shirt made her palm tingle. “Is this what you want?”

Lord, yes! Definitely times a billion to the power of the hell yes. She glanced up from where her hand lay on his chest and met his gaze. His eyes had also gone bright with his animal. It was so fucking sexy to know they both wanted her. There was no holding back because she was Marcos’s sister. These were two incredibly sexual men filled with lust. It was pure animal attraction. She loved it.

She lifted her lips in a grin and stared at his mouth. “I might need something to drink.”

Blake pulled away from her. “I’ll get you some champagne.”

“So? Is this what you want?” Kane asked again, his big body looming so close she wanted to rub herself on him with every breath she took.

She turned to face him fully, sliding the hand on his chest up to his shoulder. Christ! He had a mountain man’s body. Big and buff with enough muscles to make her beg to let her climb him. She licked her lips and he sucked in a breath.

“I don’t know. I’ve never been with two men.” She was certainly not opposed to it, especially when it came to Kane and Blake, but she had no idea what the hell being with both entailed other than probably better sex than she’d ever had.

He curled a hand around her neck and pulled her close. “Too late, Little Red. These wolves want you.”