Curves 'em Right(8)

By: Milly Taiden

Dani did as she was told. The little pill was tasteless and in the blink of an eye had dissolved.

Next, Gerri put down the box and pointed the spray bottle at her. “Come here, child. Let’s make this interesting.”

Her words worried Dani a little. What was the woman up to? She moved closer and stood in front of her thinking Gerri would spray her with a perfume or something of the kind. She did spray her, but there was no discernible smell to the spray.

Gerri did a full circle, spraying her from head to toe until she swore she was covered in whatever the mist was. Then she went as far as sniffing her neck and back.

“Open your hands.” She sprayed her hands and feet. Heck, she even told her to lift the skirt so she could get at her lower body.

Once Gerri sniffed a few more times and seemed satisfied with whatever she’d done, she smiled and put the bottle back in the case.

“I don’t smell anything, Gerri,” she said, smelling her hands and arms.

“That’s the idea.” Gerri smiled. “The thing is, I need you to have an open mind tonight.”

Uh-oh. Why did that sound like she should be worried?

“I do have an open mind. I’m here in this playmate red riding hood costume, aren’t I?”

Gerri chuckled and sat on an antique chair by the bed. “You are, but there’s something I need you to do for me.”


“Follow your instinct tonight. You might find yourself in a position to choose something new over what you are used to. I want you to listen to your heart.”

She nodded. She wasn’t really used to anything. Her disappointment in men came from their inability to accept her as she was. Some of them thought she was the kind who felt so insecure about her body that she had to be okay with any man offering sex. That she wasn’t worthy of a real relationship based on a man thinking she was hot. Fuck that.

She knew she was hot. Maybe not in the way society deemed women to be hot, but she was. Her body had curves. She had big hips and a small waist. Men had not gotten the message that Dani wasn’t desperate to hear pretty words. She wanted real words. She wanted to see the passion and lust in a man’s eyes. She wanted to be taken up against a door and have her clothes torn off her. She did not want to hear about him needing a few beers before the word sex popped up. That was not romantic.

“Now, I’m going to have someone usher you to the open indoor garden on the right side of the house. Hang out there and your date will meet up with you.”

She nodded and gulped. Gerri had mentioned she’d find her a man that would want her as she was and not try to change her into something else. Someone that looked like what he thought his dream girl should be.

They strolled out of the room together and a man showed up to guide her away. She waved at Gerri and left the older woman smiling in the middle of the room. That smile sort of creeped her out a little. Aurelis had told her that Gerri was a great matchmaker that could decide to hook her up with someone she might not be expecting. At that moment, all she expected was a decent man.

Her escort led her down a long hallway bypassing people in costume to a set of French doors. She went through and gasped. There was a giant private indoor garden the size of her house on that side. Large glass doors had been opened to allow guests in and out of the garden. At the moment, it was empty and she was the only one there. She walked around, fascinated with the multitude of plants and flowers. Then she saw it. A giant swing in the center of the room, facing the outdoors and the forest. The swing was a giant two person seat, covered in white and pink frilly lace cushions. The ropes it hung from on the ceiling were twined with sheer fabric. The seat looked inviting and comfortable, not to mention incredibly romantic.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” a voice said.

She glanced around the room, her gaze searching through the pockets of darkness to find a figure leaning against a pillar by a door.

“It’s very beautiful,” she said softly. Shit. When the hell had her voice turned so low and husky? “If you’re looking to be alone, I can go.”

He left the wall and prowled to her. The light filtering from outside allowed her to make out his costume. She didn’t know what he was. Her best guess was a pirate. His pants were torn as was his shirt. His chest was exposed for her view. The closer he came, the more nervous she got.

“I’m here to meet you,” he said.

She frowned, paying more attention to his voice. She knew that voice. “Kane?”

His lips lifted in a sinful smile that made her belly heat with desire. “That’s me. And you’re my Little Red, I guess?”

She wanted to laugh but she couldn’t. This was Kane. Her brother’s best friend. How could he not realize it was her? Kane had never looked at her with all that open hunger before. He eyed her up and down as if she was a meal and he was starving.