Curves 'em Right(7)

By: Milly Taiden

Gerri raised her brows high. “She must be pretty?”

Ah, fuck. What the hell had he gotten into? “Not necessarily pretty, but definitely hot. Physical attraction would be necessary.”

“What do you consider hot?” she asked. “A woman with no physical flaws, a slim figure and so on?”

He frowned. Was she crazy? “Slim? No. Not that I haven’t been with a smaller woman, but we prefer a woman with curves,” he said, holding his hands out and making an hourglass shape. “Big curves.”

Gerri grinned. “And you agree?” she asked Blake.

He nodded. “Curves are sexy. They make a woman real. We want someone who is happy being in her own skin. That likes her body and can find herself being sexually appealing to us.”

“Okay. So no shy virgins here, huh?” asked Gerri.

Blake choked on his drink and slapped a hand over his mouth, obviously trying hard not to spit it all over. He visibly swallowed and coughed repeatedly before answering her. “She can be shy if that’s her, but we’d like someone who is willing to try things. She’s going to have two men for Christ’s sake. That means she should at least be open-minded.”

“Right. The wolves want a freak.” Gerri laughed. “Wow. If half my clients were this specific I’d never get anyone hooked up.”

Kane’s mother grinned and patted Gerri on her arm. “You and I both know your nephew and his Omega are loving their new mate.”

“True.” Gerri gave Kane a shrewd gaze. “What about love? I don’t want to hear crap about not needing love because no woman will want to even consider a lifetime relationship without the possibility of love.”

He dropped his shoulders and sighed. “If love happens, it happens. I am not opposed to it. I don’t think Blake is either.” He waited for Blake to agree. Once he saw his Omega nod he went on. “But a woman willing to take on two mates, a difficult pack and the change can be a lot to ask for.”

“Not to mention she has to be curvy, a freak in bed and probably a great cook, huh?” Gerri asked.

Blake laughed. “It could really help us out if she was.”

“I never promised miracles. I promised a mate.”

That sounded ominous. “Right. So can you help?”

Gerri’s lips tilted upward in a slow smile. “Here’s what I want you to do...”


Dani pushed the mask higher on her face and winced. A masquerade ball blind date. This was what she’d allowed herself to be talked into. All to meet a man that might be the one for her. When Gerri mentioned her annual ball would be the place she’d meet her date, she hadn’t given it much thought. But now that she wore the zipped up tight red corset with leather accents and a short black bustle skirt that showed off her thigh highs, she wondered if she’d lost her mind. Probably. Okay, not probably, definitely.

Lord help her when she had to go to the bathroom. She’d have to ask someone for help. Why did she let her neighbor and good friend make the damn thing so tight she felt like her boobs were going to pop out at any second and flash the party a big hello? She’d wanted to feel sexy. And she had, until she reached the front door of the massive mansion in the woods.

The place was huge with expensive cars lined up along a circular driveway. She pulled the short red cape around her shoulders, trying to take the attention away from her breasts. It was useless. She’d thought a sexy red riding hood outfit would be great for a masked ball, but now she felt all sorts of uncomfortable.

Gerri was easy to find. She stood at the center of the grand ballroom dressed as a Greek goddess. Her long toga and gold arm bands looked amazing on her.

She rushed over to Dani’s side and hugged her. “Daniella, so nice to see you.”

“How did you know it was me?” Stupid costume did a bad job of hiding her identity. She’d gone with her contacts for the night, hoping they would help her look sexier than having black rimmed glasses over a face mask.

Gerri grinned. She was the only person without a mask. “I can scent you. Which defeats the purpose of the mask. Come with me.”

She tugged her to a side door and into a private parlor. Dani glanced around the sumptuously decorated room. It looked like something straight out of a romance novel. A massive four poster bed with big satin pillows and sheer drapes sat in the middle of the room. Gerri sauntered over to a locked case and used a key to open it. She brought out a box of pills and a spray bottle and turned to face Dani. She opened the box and took out a small pill, passing it to Dani.

“Put that on your tongue,” she said. “It will dissolve before you know it.”