Curves 'em Right(4)

By: Milly Taiden

“They sound like what I need.”

Gerri stopped writing and cocked her head to the side. “You know. I really like you. You’re very open-minded.”

No. She was sort of desperate from the sounds of the stuff coming out of her mouth. The likelihood there’d be two men out there who’d want her for a partner was not something she fully grasped. And while she was more than okay with her body and her curves, the reality was there were a lot of men out there who were not. She wasn’t blind or stupid, she knew that.

“All right. I think I have a good idea of what you need, Daniella.” Gerri shut the notebook and slipped it into her bag. She glanced at Daniella’s hair. Uh-oh. “Do you normally wear shades of purple in your hair?”

Dani smiled. “Not really. I recently went wild and decided I wanted to get some purple in there. My boss wasn’t amused but since I’ve been at the library for years, she didn’t cause a stir. I normally wear my hair in a bun so you can barely see the purple.”

“I think it’s beautiful. It’s good to see a different kind of librarian,” Gerri said.

She frowned. “You mean because of the hair? Or the fact I’m not wearing a buttoned-up blouse with dress pants?”

“That dress is very pretty,” Gerri pointed out. “It makes you look very youthful.”

She snorted a giggle. “Nah. I just don’t like wearing buttoned-up anything. I feel like it’s choking me. Though my boss has tried. But she’s used to me doing my own thing. Don’t get me wrong, I wear some covered up stuff some days and then when I feel all girly I put on pretty dresses.”

“See. That’s another thing I like. You’re not afraid to break rules and go your own way.”

She sighed. “Well that’s more due to my older brother. He’s always been very overprotective and somehow that’s pushed me to want to be a little rebellious.” She laughed. “Not much since I am still a librarian, but enough to get me to wear a low cut dress once in a while and put purple in my hair.”

“That’s enough to let your personality shine through.”

She glanced down at her watch and groaned. “I need to go back to work.” She pulled out a piece of paper and pen and wrote down her information, handed it to Gerri and stood. “It was really nice to meet you, Gerri,” she said, shaking Gerri’s hand. “I don’t expect miracles, so if you can’t find anyone for me I’ll understand.”

Gerri’s lips lifted in a wide grin. “Have some faith. I know of a few men who’d love to meet someone as spunky as you.”

She cleared her throat, ribbons of heat crowding her cheeks. “Thanks. I’ll wait for you to call with further information.”

“You bet. I’ll get in touch with you later,” Gerri promised.

She went back to her office feeling excited. Maybe Gerri wouldn’t find her the perfect man, but she was sure any shifter she got matched with would be a lot more interesting than the men she’d dated her entire life.


Kane swung the axe into the piece of wood, splitting it in half without much effort.

“Hello, darling,” his mother called out from his kitchen entrance. He knew she loved to visit since she considered him to be a loner. Though his Omega, Blake, lived next door, they wouldn’t share a home until they had a mate to bring them together.

“Hello, mother,” he said, swinging his axe again on the final piece of wood. He wiped his brow with the back of his hand and turned to glance at her.

“Come inside. I’ll make you some lunch and we can talk,” she said, her smile wide with enthusiasm.

That couldn’t possibly be good. His mother had been trying to push him and Blake to accept one of the women in the pack as a mate, but she knew the rules. Their animals had to be in agreement that whoever the female they ended up with was right. And right didn’t just mean appeal sexually. She had to appeal to the human and animal sides. She’d have to bring a link to make the Triad strong and the Alpha set unique.

He slammed the axe down once more and left it wedged in the center of the tree trunk. The day had started to chill. With summer almost on its way out, he and Blake would need to move soon and get a mate. The problem was, no female in the pack caught their attention.

He entered the kitchen and his mother stood by the island while Blake sat at the dining table.

“I’m so glad you’re both here,” his mother said.

Yeah. Definitely not good. “What’s going on, Mother?”

She stopped fixing sandwiches and turned to him, a frown marring her features. “You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re already skeptical of my visit.”