Curves 'em Right(38)

By: Milly Taiden

Kane spoke up, “We would never allow anyone to hurt her.”

“Good. Because if she ever tells me either of you did something to her, I will come hunt you both down.”

She grinned. Marcos would never stop being overprotective.

“Fair enough,” Blake said. “Are you okay with this, now?”

Marcos eyed Tom. “At least you two don’t faint at the sight of someone shifting.” He grinned and winked at her. “Keep my sister happy and I’ll be okay with you for the foreseeable future.”

“Can we go inside now?” she asked. “I’d like to put some clothes on.”

“But why?” Blake laughed. “You look so delicious naked.”

“Woah!” Marcos yelled, shoving Blake out of the way and heading inside the house. “Not what I want to hear. Ever.”

Life as a human or a shifter was never easy. Not when surrounded by Alpha males. She smiled and loved the new connection she felt between her, Blake, and Kane. It was amazing to have such a depth of emotion going through them.

That evening, they made a call together.


“Hi, Gerri.”

“Daniella!” Gerri said with excitement. “How have you enjoyed mated life?”

Boy, news traveled fast. “Great. It’s wonderful.” She leaned into Blake’s side and rested her feet over Kane’s. “We just wanted to thank you for your help.”


“Yes,” Blake and Kane said.

“Ahh. The hardheaded wolves. You know, Kane, your mother owes me dinner.”

He frowned. “She does?”

She laughed, the tinkling sound clear across the line. “Yes. She bet me I couldn’t get the three of you to mate without you both realizing it was Dani.”

“Well you did an amazing job of keeping her scent a secret the first day,” Blake said.

“I know. And no, I won’t tell you how. But I am very happy you three have found happiness. You are happy, aren’t you Daniella?”

Dani glanced from one man to the other and grinned. “I’m very happy.”

They hung up the call and she casually decided to let her feelings out in the open. “I love you, big sexy, Omega,” she said, pulling Blake’s face to hers and meshing their lips in a quick kiss. Then she tugged Kane over and kissed him. “I love you, big, sexy Alpha.”

“I love you too,” they both said at the same time.

She sighed and eyed the remote control Kane had in hand. “So...wanna shut the TV off and get freaky?”

The TV went off before she got a chance to finish the question.