Curves 'em Right(17)

By: Milly Taiden

Slipping on a short robe, she went to open the door while wondering if it was her neighbor coming to find out how the party had gone. She’d mentioned to Dani she’d stop by if she returned early enough to chat about the masquerade.

After a peek through her window, she almost ran back to her bedroom. Her heart pounded hard in her chest. They were out there. Both of them. What the heck was she supposed to do? The thought of them coming to her home hadn’t crossed her mind once since she’d left. Her begging them to finish what they’d started certainly had, but that was another story. She should probably not stand there like an idiot and decide what to do very fast.

“Dani,” Blake said from the other side of her door. “We know you're standing behind the door. Let us in.”

Ah, hell! These guys were going to be the death of her. At the very least, the reason she’d have to go to therapy soon.

She squeaked and jumped away from the door. “Go away,” she ordered. “You were very clear with what you said earlier. I'm not into games. What I’d wanted from you two isn’t going to happen.”

There was a moment of silence before Kane replied. “We are not here to play games, beautiful. We want to talk to you.”

Shit. He’d gone and called her beautiful. Not that she hadn’t been called that before, but never by them. It somehow felt special to hear it from Kane. She bit her lip and shifted from foot to foot wondering what to do. Finally, after much debate, she opened the door. Struggling to keep her nerves under control, she moved away, allowing both men to enter her home.

First, Kane walked in. His big sexy body took up most of her living room. Then Blake entered. Their gazes roamed over her body in a swift and heated caress. Her nerves jumped like there was a trampoline competition going on in her stomach. She swore that the room size diminished by at least half.

She stared from one to the other watching as Blake shut her door, closing them both inside with her. She prayed her legs kept her upright because all of a sudden her muscles felt weak.

“What do you want?” she asked again, her stomach flipping and flopping like she'd just been on the world’s craziest roller coaster.

Kane moved forward at the same time Blake came around her side. She tried to keep calm as both men’s intense gazes closed in on her, but her heartbeat accelerated quickly.

“We came to make sure that you arrived home okay,” Kane said, his voice a mere growl. “We were worried about you.” He took another step toward her. “To be honest, we just couldn't let you go.”

She retreated until her back hit the wall. “Well too bad. I don’t want you anymore.”

They looked at each other, then turned and grinned at her.

“You lie, Little One,” Blake said, grasping her hand and kissing the tips of her fingers. “Let us show you how good we can be together.”

She had to wake up. This had to be a dream. There was no way they’d said what they had and now wanted to get her naked. And they appeared really ready to get her naked quickly.


“Shh,” Kane groaned, looming over her and cupping her neck with his giant hand. “Don’t fight it, Dani.” He gripped the neck of her robe with his other hand and pulled her to him.

She gasped as her body came flush to his. God, he was hard all over. And big, so very big and warm. The heat from their bodies enveloped her to the point that she got goose bumps all over. Once she’d taken two steps toward Kane, Blake pressed at her body from behind. Talk about being between a rock and hard place.

“You’re so beautiful,” Blake murmured, pushing her hair over her shoulder and brushing his lips over the curve of her neck. “I want to see you naked.”

Oxygen froze in her lungs. She tried to make sense of what was going on but it was hard. The fact that they were both touching her at the same time seemed to have short-circuited her thinking abilities.

Kane tugged on the tie at her waist, opening her robe, and stared down at her body. Only the nylons and garter remained on her but those bits of material did nothing to hide her body.

“You are gorgeous,” he breathed as if he’d run a marathon, his voice rough and rusty. He lowered his head and brushed his lips over hers. The kiss was soft, sweet, and delicate. None of the things Kane had ever shown to be. It was like seeing a new side to him. The big shifter could be more than what met the eye.

Blake pulled on the robe until it swooshed down to the floor, pooling at her feet. He slid his hand down her spine slowly, lighting fires along the way, until he reached her ass and squeezed at her bare cheeks.

“This is what I like,” Blake groaned. “This is what we need. Your body is lush. Sexy,” he mumbled, kissing up to the back of her ear.