Curves 'em Right(15)

By: Milly Taiden

“So what do we do?” Kane’s voice floated from behind him as he stopped by Blake’s side.

Blake turned to face his friend. They’d never had this kind of thing happen before. “I don't know,” he murmured, for once completely confused and unsure of how to fix things. Though Kane was the Alpha leader and the one that everyone looked up to, Blake was the problem solver. Blake knew when pack members where upset. He spent most of his time calming frustrations, soothing anger and ensuring the pack thrived in peace.

“I want her.” Those words from Kane’s mouth sealed the deal.

Blake wanted her too. But it wasn't that simple. If they mated with someone like Daniella, who was a human, they were subjecting themselves to having to explain to their people that they were still just as strong with a human being that they would be with a third shifter. She might not take to the change. She might be a human forever. How would their pack handle that?

“If we take her, we will have to deal with Marcos, the pack, and proving to her that she's the one for us.” He’d seen the heat in her eyes for them. On that account they were fine. It wouldn’t be hard to get her to accept them sexually.

“That shouldn't be a problem,” Kane said, his voice dripping with his Alpha authority. He slapped Blake on the shoulder and grinned. “Piece of cake.”

“Do you even know women? They are the most complicated creatures on the planet. Just a single word can take your relationship from being happy to being so miserable that your balls crawl up your ass.”

Kane laughed and shook his head. “I don’t see Dani as being that type of woman.”

Blake snorted. He definitely didn’t know women. “I think that in order for us to get Daniella to want to be with us, we will have to work really hard and get her mind onboard for the long term.”

“Looked to me like she was ready to let us both get a lot closer with her tonight.”

“Yes, she was. But one night does not make a lifetime and we want her forever.” Blake didn’t want to have a sexy and deliciously curvy woman to sleep with for a single night. He wanted her as a partner. In order for that to work, he needed to make sure she knew how special she was to them.

“What do you have in mind?” Kane asked, folding his arms over his chest. They ambled to the area they’d left Kane’s truck at and continued to discuss Daniella.

“You and I are a team,” Blake said, reiterating what they both knew. “We have been since we were born. We know that we are both going to be sharing this woman for the rest of our lives. But in order to make it work we have to be on point to get her to see that long-term with us is not just a possibility. It’s a reality that we can make happen.”

They slipped into Kane’s truck. He put the key in the ignition, twisted it and the engine roared to life. Kane turned to glance his way. “I already know that. So what do you suggest?”

“First, I want to go make sure she got home okay. I think she was agitated and it is still bothering me to think she’s upset over us. You know I can’t let it go.”

Kane nodded and gunned the engine. The truck sped forward through the night as they left the party. They’d only lasted all of a handful of hours in the mansion.I It had been enough time to realize they’d been ignoring the one woman that could make them whole.

“I think we need to makes her days just a little bit better. Show her that two of us caring for her isn’t all bad. We have to bring her out of the idea that this is only going to be about sex.”

“It’s not?” Kane asked, raising his brows.

“No. It is not. It’s about commitment, remember?”

“Wait, so no sex?” The alarm in Kane’s voice made him chuckle.

“Of course there will be sex. In fact, I think we should go give her a preview of how good things can be.”

Kane turned to glance at him, a slow smile curving over his lips. “That’s got to be one of the best ideas you’ve ever had.”

“Remember. We’ll want to show her the relationship between three can be just as great, if not better, than two.”

Kane nodded. “I think you should visit her at the library and show her the wonders of...books.”

Books. Right. Blake choked on his laughter, already knowing what Kane had in mind. “Fine. I’ll do it.”

“I think I'll take the second round and possibly invite her to come over to my place for dinner and a movie.”

“That’s great.” Blake nodded. This was shaping up better than he expected.

“What about doing something together? Or do we want to be one on one for a while so she doesn’t get overwhelmed?”