Curves 'em Right(13)

By: Milly Taiden

She growled and pressed the open corset over her naked breasts, holding it up with shaky hands. Hell. Of all the times for them to realize who she was, this was not the one she’d envisioned when they’d started earlier.

“Hi.” She pressed the material over her body, using it almost like a safety shield.

They stared at each other. “What are you doing here?”

“Being set up on a date.”

“You? She set us up with you?” Kane growled.

His tone made her frown. Hadn’t they just been all over her like they couldn’t get enough of her just thirty seconds ago? What happened to that?

“Well what the hell is wrong with me? I thought you just told me I was perfect.” Jerk. Figures that he’d say the right words just to get her naked. Or mostly naked.

“You are perfect,” Blake said. “You’re also Marcos’s sister.”

She shrugged. “So?”

This whole thing of her being Marcos’s little sister annoyed the shit out of her. Weren’t these grown men?

“Your brother once told us that we needed to keep our hands off you,” Kane said, walking to one of the open doors leading to the back and leaning on the frame. “We’ve been careful to not damage our friendship with him.”

That rat bastard! “You mean to tell me that you two could want me and will not touch me because of Marcos?”

She clenched her jaw so hard she swore her teeth would break at any moment.

Kane and Blake glanced back and forth at each other before both frowning at her and answering at the same time, “Yes.”

Tired of fighting to keep the open corset from revealing her body, she snagged a folded throw off a chair and threw it over her shoulder, allowing the corset to slide off without showing her breasts. She folded the corset and held it in front of her along with the sides of the blanket like a shield. With measured steps, she marched to the door Blake had locked when he’d brought them champagne.

“What are you doing,” Blake asked, his voice filled with concern.

She stopped, turned and cleared her throat. “I'm getting out of here. You two have no clue what you want. It’s obvious that Mrs. Wilder made a mistake in bringing us together.”

Dammit, she’d been so close to getting both men naked. The injustice.

“Don't go!” Blake ran a hand through his short cropped hair. He appeared torn and she couldn’t understand it. It shouldn't be this hard to make a decision about wanting her. They either did or didn’t.

They weren't bound to Marcos for any reason other than friendship, so why couldn't they be with her if that's what made them happy?

“What exactly do you want?” she asked.

Blake pinned her with his slowly dimming golden gaze. “When it comes to you it’s not about what we want. It's about what we promised. And we promised Marcos that we would stay away from you.”

Fucking hell! “This is starting to sound like a broken record covered in total bullshit to be honest,” she said, her hand hovering over the knob.


Kane inhaled sharply. “Your brother is our friend,” he said, his voice so rough she swore he’d shift at any second. “We made a vow to keep our hands to ourselves. You’re much too important to your brother for us to damage our friendship with him or your expectations of the future.”

What expectations? Jesus H. Christ they made it sound like she was ready to marry them. All she wanted was some hot sex from the two of them. Why was it so hard for them to comprehend that?

She glared from one man to the other, frustration and anger growing by leaps and bounds inside her chest. She felt like she was sixteen once again and being rejected over some stupid brotherly friend code.

Swallowing back the hurt, she unlocked the door, turned the knob and walked out of the room, ignoring both men calling out to her.

Bypassing one of the hallways she’d been escorted through, she opened up a set of French doors and rushed out into the night.

Bright moonlight lit her path as she tried not to fall in her heels on her way to the front of the house.

What a mistake it was to have come and done this. Mrs. Wilder wasn’t to blame, though. She couldn’t have known that there was a history between Dani and the shifters. Once Dani saw them in their costumes, she should have expected that there was never going to be a chance with Blake and Kane. Her hope had grown with the desire they’d openly shown her. But that hadn’t been enough for them to take a chance and ignore whatever they’d promised Marcos.

A pair of strong hands grabbed her by her sides, jerking her to a stop as she rounded the corner of the house to turn for the driveway. Her heels sank in the grass, making it almost impossible to stand upright.