Curves 'em Right(12)

By: Milly Taiden

She moaned, not caring that he’d caught them in the middle of Kane kissing his way to her pussy.

“You look divine laying there,” Blake said, prowling closer.

Kane didn’t stop. He brushed his lips over her clit in a sweep so light she gasped, and then waited for him to do it again.

She pinched her nipples harder, wiggling her hips lower to meet Kane’s mouth.

“Patience,” Kane murmured between her thighs.

“I can’t,” she gasped, shutting her eyes and pressing her head back into the cushion of the swing.

“You can,” Blake said. “Here, let me help you, beautiful.”

Blake sat next to her on the big swing. He shifted to his side and picked her hands up and placed them on his chest. She watched his beautiful dark eyes glow with his animal. He brought his lips down over hers, sucking the air out of her lungs. Crawling her hands over his chest, she gripped the material of his shirt and tugged him closer at the same time Kane licked her folds.

Blake swept his tongue into her mouth. Probing. Taking. She moaned into the kiss and shuddered when Kane flicked his tongue in circles over her clit.

She ignored the tiny voice in her head telling her she shouldn’t do this. These were her brother’s friends but she wanted a relationship. Things like this never happened to Dani so she’d take it and enjoy it. She’d enjoy every second of Kane’s mouth on her pussy, sucking and licking like she was a tasty piece of fruit. She’d enjoy Blake’s mouth pressing over hers, his fingers molding her breasts and pulling at her nipples.

Daniella knew this wouldn’t last. It was too good. Too perfect to have these two sexual creatures lapping at her body as though she were a gift from the gods.

She dug her nails into Blake’s chest. Though toned and muscular, Blake had a less bulky frame than big mountain man Kane. Blake’s skin felt hot under his torn shirt. He grunted into the kiss, his thumbs pressing at her aching nipples. He moved away from her lips, leaving her to fight her lungs for some air.

Passion flooded her veins with both men caressing her body. Blake encased one of her nipples in his mouth. He grazed his teeth over the swollen mound and sucked hard. Electricity sparked through her, making her shudder.

She threw her head back, slid one hand into his short hair and held him tight to her chest. Christ that felt good. His mouth on her breast, licking and biting, reduced her ability to think and form a coherent sentence. She gripped Kane’s longer shaggy hair with her other hand and rocked her hips on his lips.

It was surreal. The fantasy she’d always had but never thought would come true. Both men wanting, licking, and sucking on her body to bring her to the heights of pleasure. Kane drove his tongue into her channel, fucking her with it and growling to create a vibration that drove her wild.

“Yes! God, yes!” she screamed.

Her pussy grasped at Kane’s driving tongue. He didn’t stop. He licked her, pushing the tension curling in her stomach to form into a tight ball ready to explode at any moment. Her brain tried to take in the actions of both men heating her blood to boiling.

Kane brushed his tongue up from her ass to her clit in slow wide licks. She groaned with each swipe of his tongue on her slick flesh. He sucked her throbbing clit between his teeth.

“Oh, my god! More, more, more...”

Both men bit her in tandem. She was glad she was sitting on the swing since her muscles felt heavy and weak. Kane growled on her pussy, nibbling her clit hard. Blake did the same on her breast, her nipple tight between his teeth. The vibrations rocking her body blew the tension at her core into millions of pieces. She choked on a scream, her body slowly loosening as a tidal wave of pleasure swept her under.

She sucked breaths into her deprived lungs, mini rockets shooting from her core outward to her heavy limbs.

Kane continued to kiss her inner thighs, working his way down to her knees. Blake pulled back, pushing some of the sweaty strands of hair away from her face. Her body started to cool after the massive inferno that consumed it moments before. She sat up slowly, fixing her skirt and watching Kane stand.

Blake took hold of her mask and tugged. “You won’t need this anymore,” he murmured, peeling the black half mask off her face.

She screeched and tried to hide her face only to hear both men gasp. Fuck.

“Daniella?” Kane asked, standing before her with a scowl fierce enough to scare small children.

She looked around for her corset. No way in hell was she having a talk with them while half naked. She struggled to zip the corset up, knowing that the damn thing needed to be loosened at the back so it could close at the front. Right at that moment her brain didn’t want to think about that. All she wanted was to not be naked while she discussed with her brother’s friends why she’d just let them give her oral sex and why she hadn’t said a thing about who she was.