Curves 'em Right(11)

By: Milly Taiden

Kane glanced down at the zipper on the front of her corset with another of those mind-fucking grins. “You’re right.”

The zipper hissed as he pulled it down, opening the tight corset at the front and leaving her bare on top. The material fell to the floor with a thump.

“This is a beautiful sight,” he said, his words so rough she could barely make them out. He cupped her breasts, lifting the heavy weight in his warm palms and thumbing her aching nipples. She groaned, her heartbeat increasing with the fondling he did. “Do you like me touching you, Little Red?”

She pushed closer into him, arching her back and pressing her chest into his hands. “God, yes!”

He brought his head down closer to her chest and sucked one of her nipples into the warm cavern of his mouth. Her body had a mind of its own at that point. She raised her hands up to his hair and clutched at the strands. Her belly quaked. Multiple shudders ran down her spine straight to her pussy.

She’d become so enthralled in his lips sucking her nipples, she’d forgotten anyone could walk in on them at any time. The sound of footsteps and laughter came from outside the garden. She tried to force her body to cooperate, but instead she gripped Kane’s hair harder and moaned. “So good...”

He lifted her in his arms and moved a few steps back before setting her down on the swing she’d seen when she’d first walked into the room. She leaned back into the cushion, her skirt hiked up to reveal her itty bitty panties and thigh highs.

“Christ. Is that a garter?”

She met his gaze with a grin. His reaction empowered her. The way he groaned the words out and pushed her legs open spoke volumes. The lust so evident in him was something she’d never seen in any man.

“Like it?”

“Little Red, I fucking love it.”

She leaned back in the cushioned swing, watching him as she raised her hands to her chest to tweak her own nipples. This was a new experience. But the look on his face was priceless. She reveled in these new sexy woman feelings.

Kane dropped down to kneel in front of her. He pushed her legs wider.

“This has to go,” he said, slicing through the panties with his claws. The soft sound of material tearing filled the quiet garden for a nanosecond. He peeled the see-through panties off her and growled. “That’s fucking, beautiful.”

She licked her lips, squeezing her breasts a little harder than before. Her pussy creamed as she watched his features tighten and his eyes glow brighter. For once she didn’t worry about how soft her belly looked or how thick her legs were. Instead, she focused on embracing the sensuality he brought out in her.

“My tongue is going to lap every little drop from your pussy,” he groaned softly, pressing his lips to her leg. “I want your wetness on me. I want to lick my lips and taste you over and over again.”

She had a hard time keeping her knees from shaking. Her blood sizzled with arousal. His words were like a magical movie playing in her mind. He swiped his tongue on her thigh.

She inhaled sharply and gulped. “How do I taste?”

“I can’t scent you, but from how beautiful your pretty pink folds are, I know you’re fucking delicious. I want to spend the rest of the night with my face in your pussy, feasting on you.”

His licks and kisses moved to the center of her need. Her muscles tensed. She waited with baited breath for him to do something, anything. Men didn’t really give Dani oral. Not usually. They complained her thighs were too wide and she tended to squeeze their heads when she got excited. A man who willingly wanted to do that without her having to push his head down was a miracle. This was something that turned her on beyond belief.

“Kane...” she groaned.

He curled his arms around her large thighs and held her in place, draping her legs over his shoulders. Her heels pressed at his back and he didn’t seem to mind.

“You in this little outfit will be forever burned in the back of my brain.”

Good gracious he knew just what to say.


“Heels, garters and thigh highs have to be some of the sexiest things to see a woman with your body in.”

She pushed back the urge to groan. “Because I’m big?”

“You’re not big. You’re beautiful. Lush. You have a body made for fucking.”

She blinked back the visions of him doing just that. “I’ve never heard that.”

“It’s true.” He placed butterfly kisses on one thigh then the other. “All I can think about right now is keeping your legs wide open and watching my cock slide deep into your wetness. I want to fuck you. Everywhere.”

“Looks like you two are having fun without me,” came Blake’s voice from the doorway. He clicked the door lock behind him and placed glasses filled with champagne on a table by the entrance.