Curves 'em Right(10)

By: Milly Taiden

She smiled at his aggression. This was what she wanted from a man. To show her that she was desirable as she was. “I might need convincing.”

There was no time to pat herself on the back over her little quip. All she could do was inhale and watch his head descend to press their lips together. Passion blazed and an electric shudder raced down her spine at the first brush of his lips over hers. He plunged his tongue into her mouth and owned her. Rubbing his mouth over hers like some sinful mating ritual, he pushed her to submit to his touch. To the invisible control he had with a single kiss.

She dug her nails into his shoulders. Her body pressed tight to his. He slid his big hands down her back, until he reached her ass and squeezed her cheeks. The kiss deepened. God that felt good. His hands on her, his lips on her, felt fucking amazing. He nibbled and sucked on her tongue. Her nipples pebbled tight, aching with the need to be touched under the restraining material of her corset. Lord, she’d never wanted to be naked like she did at that moment.

Heat poured over her in waves, seeping through her pores and warming her to the marrow. Her heartbeats thudded in her ears. No kiss had ever done this to her. It made her lose herself completely in the moment.

She pulled away from him, gasping for a breath. “You” —she cleared her throat, her entire body aching with suppressed tension— “made your point.”

It was pure luck that he’d decided not to tear the mask off her face and be done with her mystery. He curled his hand around her jaw. “You’re tempting the beast, Little Red.”

She blinked. The fire in his eyes made her pussy throb. This was the first time a man or any men had looked at her like she was sex on heels. It was really frickin’ awesome.

She wanted to squeal and throw herself at him. Maybe order him down on his knees and tell him to do her then and there, but what would that say about her? She choked back a snort. That she was damn horny and hadn’t had sex in a while is what he’d think. Which was the truth. She’d been so disappointed and angered with the past men in her life she’d pretty much lived an almost celibate life, except for her awesome battery operated friends in her private drawer.

“How do you know I’m not a mistake?” she asked.

She was realistic. The minute Blake and Kane realized who she was under the mask and costume, they’d treat her like she had the plague again. All because of that stupid friendship code. And the fact that Marcos was so overprotective.

His gaze roamed over her again, like a slow seductive caress. Her temperature spiked from that single sizzling glance. “You’re no mistake. I can tell. Even though I can’t catch your scent, my animal is pushing me to take you.”

His rough and rugged voice opened a new door to her need. Men didn’t talk to her like that. Ever.

“What will you do if I’m not what you truly want?”

A slight lift of his lips was the only hint of his smile. She stared at the scruffy jaw and shaggy haircut that made him look like a real life pirate. Perhaps it was that she had denied herself for too long from seeing Kane and Blake. When they’d both been what she’d desired secretly for so many years, but being this close to him made her question his real motives. She knew she wasn’t mate material. Not for them. They needed a third like them. A shifter. Everyone knew that’s how the Triads worked.

He lowered his head and she knew he wanted to kiss her again. Lord how she wanted that. More than she wanted to take off her damp panties.

“I’ll put it to you this way,” he breathed, his lips floating over hers. “I want to fuck your pretty lips. I want to slide up between your sexy thighs and feel your pussy wet and hot around my cock. And then, I want to come inside you. Again and again.” He rested his lips by her ear. “I have been thinking of every way I can get this outfit off you for the past ten minutes.” He sucked her earlobe between his teeth and tugged.


A heady thrill rushed her. She bit her lip and moaned, pressing closer to him. “Is my costume not nice enough?”

“Oh, yeah. It’s sexy as fuck. From the heels to the garters up to that top showing off your tits, it’s all one tempting little package.” He kissed his way to her lips. Her pulse skipped a beat. She might die just from his hand on her ass, squeezing her cheek. “The skirt hides your delectable ass. The top is hard to move and keeping me from touching your nipples.”

She swallowed the sand clogging her throat. “You can get it off...”

What the hell was she doing? She’d just given him permission to strip her at a party. Blake would return at any moment and the idea of him finding her and Kane together only pushed her anticipation. Would he join in? She knew they’d share a mate at some point, but did they share women regularly? That was something she wasn’t aware of and by god she wanted to find out firsthand.