Her Royal Bodyguard(2)

By: Natasha Moore

“Could you tell what was said? The shouting?”

She closed her eyes for a moment as if she was trying to hear it again. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t make out words. Just shouting.”

“Male voices? Female?”

“Male, I think.”

“What happened when the shooting started?”

“Donato opened his door. To help I’m sure, but…but I think Enzo yelled at him to get the car out of there. To…to get me out of there.”

Rico nodded. Gritted his teeth. “But he didn’t?”

“He tried. I know he did,” the princess said, passionately defending her bodyguards. “It all happened so fast. He started to shut his door, but then I heard another shot. Heard him cry out.” The pain at reliving the ordeal was clear in the princess’s voice. “I was afraid he was going to leave without Enzo so I crawled over to the open door.”

“Angie!” Vittorio cried, the reprimand clear.

She whirled to send her brother a fierce stare. “I couldn’t stay hiding and not do anything. He…Dios…he was on the ground, leaning back against the side of the car. I could see the blood from the interior lights.”

“And that means whoever was out there could see you,” Rico growled.

There was no remorse in the princess’s expression. “All I knew was I had to get Enzo in the car before we took off. I couldn’t leave him there. I couldn’t.”

“You pulled him into the car?” Mia asked, surprise clear in her voice.

Angelina nodded. “Enzo saw me at the door. He glared at me.” She glanced over at Rico, her eyes blazing. “Don’t worry, Rico, you taught him well. He was willing to give his life for me.” She sniffed, tears filling her eyes. “I leaned out of the car and he fired another shot and then boosted himself up with one leg. The other…I think he was hit badly in the other leg. I grabbed him under the arms and pulled him in and then Donato took off.”

Rico had never been so angry and so proud at the same time. The princess could easily have been taken, but she’d risked her life to save her loyal bodyguard. “So Donato was able to get around whatever was in the road.”

“I guess so. I was too worried about Enzo. Then he lost consciousness and I was afraid I’d hurt him more by dragging him in.”

“I’m certain you saved his life, Your Highness.” Her hopeful gaze slammed into his gut. He hoped he was correct. There had been a hell of a lot of blood.

“Who would do this?” Vittorio asked. “We haven’t received any threats.” He turned his glare on Rico. “Have we?”

“No, Your Highness. None at all.”

“Do you need anything else from the princess?” Mia asked. Her arm was wrapped around Angelina’s waist. The princess had rested her head on Mia’s shoulder.

Rico had never been the nurturing kind but at this moment he wished he could gather the princess in his arms. Feel her head on his shoulder. But even if he’d been that kind of man, it would never have been the proper thing to do. He took a deep breath and pushed away the image of the princess in his arms.

“One more thing. I beg your pardon for asking, Your Highness, but is there anyone you can think of who would want to cause you harm? An unhappy ex-boyfriend, perhaps, seeking to hurt you in some way?” An entitled asshole with enough money to hire thugs to attempt a kidnapping.

The princess straightened, lifted her chin even as her cheeks grew pink. “Your security team keeps track of my every movement. You know I have had no opportunity to have a boyfriend, much less an ex-boyfriend, happy or not.”

Surely that wasn’t possible. A beautiful young woman like Her Highness? For the past few years, he’d let Enzo keep track of the princess’s comings and goings. Rico hadn’t wanted to know with whom she was spending time.

But he couldn’t imagine there weren’t dozens of handsome, privileged young men fighting for time with the princess of Mezzano. His stomach clenched unexpectedly at the thought. He cleared his throat. ”So there has been no one who has threatened you? No one you have spurned who might have a grudge against you? No one who wanted more from you than you were willing to give?”

The princess rose as gracefully as if she wore an elegant gown instead of a wrinkled dress stained with blood. She lifted her royal chin. “No one.”

He sprung to his feet and nodded. “Thank you for your help, Your Highness.”

Mia ushered Angelina from the room but Vittorio stayed behind. Rico turned to the prince. “Sir, could there be a possibility of an enemy of the country attempting to gain leverage by holding your sister hostage?”