Alpha Owned(6)

By: Milly Taiden

“Sure sure.” She glanced at Chris with wide eyes. “Help set them both up in the other cabin. Let her know what rooms they’re in.”

“You got it, mama.”

Hours later, things had finally settled. They’d had dinner with Cici’s family and so far, she’d done a good job of avoiding Ryker. Not that it made a difference since he wasn’t in town anyway.

After a nice long bath, her mind and body agreed to let her rest. She opted for some of the wine her mother had left. Once she got going, it was kind of hard to stop.

Every time she thought of facing Ryker, she downed another glass. Pretty soon she had multiple empty bottles littering the kitchen island. Darius had gone to a late night bon fire with Sara. They’d tried to get Cici to join, but after setting up for the following morning’s baking, she knew she wasn’t going anywhere.

She laid down with her third or fourth bottle of wine, thinking of Ryker and playing out what she’d say to him. Would he tell her he missed her? Probably not. He was too busy being in charge. Soon, he’d be looking for a mate and he probably gave her no thought.

Life sucked. She didn’t want to think of Ryker but dammit why did his gorgeous eyes and hot body come to mind? Stupid hormones. Soon, she was drifting off into a wine-induced sleep.

Her visions of Ryker led her to an amazing dream. It had to be a dream because she knew he wasn’t in town. Yet there he was. In her bedroom. Looking as good as he had the first time her teenage eyes had fallen for him. This dream had to be brought on by the wine and the incessant thoughts of seeing him again.

“Ciara.” Ryker’s deep voice sunk into her pores and lit an instant fire in her blood.

Chapter Three

“Ryker.” His name sounded so right, so perfect dropping from Cici’s lips. She’d been dying to say it but had curved the need, until now. She was in her dream world and could do and say anything she wanted.

“That’s right, little one. You came back for me.” His lips trailed down her jaw, dropping butterfly kisses over her skin. Arousal coiled in her core. Her lungs froze at the feel of his hands sliding under her tank top.

“What are you doing here?” She asked, her muddled mind telling her to forget about questions and to let him do anything he wanted. This was a dream and questions would make it too real.

“I came for you.”

This was definitely a dream. No way he’d say that in real life.

“You did? Wow. I love where this is going,” she breathed.

He cocked his head and glanced at her lips. “I thought you had a boyfriend. Darius?”

She giggled. Geez. Even in her dreams she had dragged poor D into her lie. “He’s just a friend. A good friend, but only a friend. He’s my bestest friend. But he’s gay. I’m like a sister to him.”

“So why are you saying he’s your boyfriend?”

Boy, this version of Ryker liked to talk. She wanted to get her sexy fantasy going already. “Who cares, why? Come here and show me you want me.”

The room spun on its axis. A hazy vision of him lay on top of her, pressing her body down into the mattress. His gorgeous blue eyes stared deep into hers, so deep she worried he knew her feelings for him. But this was a dream, so it was fine if he found out.

His lips trailed up to meet hers. Passion exploded, dragging her further into the delicious dream.

How often had she had dreams like this? Almost every night. But none of the other times had it felt so real. His touch felt so intense that her dream seemed real, like it was actually happening. She wasn’t sure if it was because of all the wine or because she was back home, but this dream was by far the best she’d ever had.

He drew circles on her side with his calloused fingers. The feel of his rough fingers cupping the sides of her breasts made her breath hitch. It didn’t stop there, no. That’s where it all went crazy. His tongue drove deep into her mouth, rubbing up against hers.




Almost as if he’d been dying to taste her.

Every caress was like a new dose of pleasure swarming her body. Her nipples tightened. God, the feel of his hands on her breasts shot her temperature through the roof. She moaned into the kiss, lifting her hands up to slide them up his muscular arms. Even in a dream his shifting muscles felt like steel under her palms. The bar of his cock pressed between her legs. She wiggled under his hot body. It felt amazing. And she wanted more. Faster. Now. This was her dream and she wanted him to finally do all the things she’d been fantasizing about.

He tore his lips away from hers. She panted, struggling to catch a single breath.

“Ciara, love.”