A Broken Forever

By: Megan Noelle

First and foremost I want to dedicate this to my sweet daughter, Peyton. Writing some of the moments in this book made me want to do nothing more than squeeze you tight. To say, I love you, and never let go. You’re my Teeny, my Buggy, and you’ll always be my baby.

Secondly, I’ll like to dedicate this to all the mothers, fathers, and families that have ever experienced the loss of a child. Everything in this book I wanted to portray as truthfully as possible. Losing a child is never a light topic and I wanted to show truth to let others see how strong these individuals are. I could never truly imagine how difficult that would be and want to show the utmost respect for anyone who has ever had to say goodbye to their little love.

Last but not least, I want to dedicate this book to Eileen Robinson. You have been…my lifeline through this. You started as a fan of my work but now you will forever have a place in my heart. Every single thing you have done for me has touched my heart and soul and none of it will ever be forgotten. Thank you for supporting me and always being there for me.

We waved goodbye to my family through the bay window as I climbed into the passenger seat. I twisted in my seat to watch the man of my dreams secure our sweet baby Allie’s car seat into the base. Watching Stefan’s eyes carefully focused on the buckles, ensuring everything was tightly in place, was one of the most heartwarming sights I had ever seen. Nine months ago we both laid eyes on our little girl for the very first time, and everything had changed for us. I never thought I could love anything as much as I loved Stefan—until I met her. Allison Rose Harrison was perfect, and all the best parts of Stefan and me. The love between us blossomed as I saw the way he watched and protected Allie.

People had always said the two of us would never last.

What they never realized was that it had been fate from the moment we turned the corner and ran directly into each other. We met during his senior year, my junior year, and were immediately drawn to the other. From the moment we met we never spent a day apart. It didn’t matter our age—this was love. Our love was silly, sweet and so incredibly passionate. The way our eyes locked in a heated gaze always caused my skin to tingle with even the slightest touch. Every moment was wonderful; it didn’t matter where we were, it was always just us.

The following fall after I turned eighteen, we were married, despite the none-too-quiet protests from his family. It wasn’t long after my high school graduation I found out I was pregnant; nine months and four days later our sweet little Allie joined our world.

The whispers of doubt about our young and small family never died while our love continued to grow. Being a wife and mother was a regular challenge, but that didn’t matter because Stefan and Allie made everything worth it. As long as I had Allie and Stefan by my side, I knew all would be okay.

Stefan covered Allie’s legs and arms with a soft pink blanket before pressing a kiss to her forehead. She stretched for a moment but continued snoozing away—not that I blamed her. All my family loved her and spent the duration of the night passing her from person-to-person. I had no doubt Allie would sleep soundly the entire drive home. Stef reached a finger up to tap the tip of my nose before shutting the door and taking his seat behind the wheel.

I took one more look at Allie’s chubby pink cheeks, button nose and pouty lips. An angel— that’s what she was. When Stefan was back I twisted myself to look at him as I leaned my shoulder into his.

“Did you have fun tonight, beautiful girl?” His smile grew across his lips, as did mine.

“It was wonderful.” Leaning down, Stefan placed a soft peck to my lips before starting up the car.

My eyes remained on him as he reached across, pulled his seatbelt into place and adjusted the heat.

“Stefan, are you okay to drive right now?” I had no doubt that we wouldn’t be in the car if he wasn’t okay, but what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t ask?

“I didn’t have anything alcoholic to drink tonight, Greyson Rose.”

My lips grazed the shoulder of his jacket. “I know, Stef, but towards the end you were dozing off a little.” He shrugged his shoulder with a smile.

“That fireplace was too warm and the conversation was getting pretty dull.” I smiled despite my attempts to be serious.

“I’m just saying if you are too tired to drive home it would be okay with me to stay the night.”

His hands left the steering wheel and delicately framed along the sides of my face. The stunning shade of his enchanting blue eyes held mine captive in their intense gaze.

“I would never do anything that I thought could harm my girls. It’s just a thirty minute drive, and then we can tuck our baby girl in so she can wake up on Christmas morning in her own house. We can make Christmas special and our own from the second our eyes open.”

I smiled, and traced my finger along his full bottom lip as my eyes flickered down to that delicious mouth.

“You know Allie is too young to remember if she woke up on Christmas morning in her own crib.”

“I’ll remember.” Stefan’s eyes held no humor as he spoke.

No longer could I hold back as I molded my lips to his. The beginning of a new beard rubbed against my skin as my tongue caressed his. Every time we touched it was magic. From the accidental brush of our hands to each and every time our bodies connected into an incredibly passionate moment. From day one I could touch his arm and everything around us disappeared. It didn’t matter if we were in the privacy of our own home or in the middle of a crowded store—this was what destiny felt like.

“I love you,” I whispered against his lips.

I felt him smile against my mouth. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. “Not as much as I love you, Greyson Rose.”

“Let’s go home,” I finally said.

“As you wish, beautiful girl.” He cast me a playful wink before putting the car into gear and driving into the night.

I tried my hardest to stay awake and keep Stefan company, but I lasted no more than five minutes. My fingers remained curled into the sleeve of his jacket, and it was that feeling of safety that put me to sleep just as it did every night. With Christmas carols playing softly in the background and the warmth from the heater rolling over me, I rested peacefully.

We weren’t home yet, but something woke me up. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly but there was something in my gut pulling me from my sleep. My eyes opened, but quickly snapped shut again to adjust to the growing light. That’s when I figured it out. I peeled my eyes open and next to me was Stefan, asleep behind the wheel as our car slowly cruised towards oncoming traffic.