12 Inches:A Secret Baby Dark Romance(9)

By: Alexis Angel

But I guess it’s time I move on, right? The world doesn’t stop spinning just because you feel like a deflated tire. And I’m thinking that maybe Mr. Andrew ‘Handsome Pilot’ Delavan might just help inflate my tire. Okay, that was a terrible pun, I know.

We go through the glass and marble entryway to the lounge, make a beeline straight to the bar and sit down on the high stools.

“A cosmo, please,” I ask the bartender, and Andrew just gets a fresh lime soda. I figure he can’t get behind the yoke of a plane with even a slight buzz, which kinda makes me feel better about the idea of being thousands of feet up in the air inside of a bullet with wings.

We talk about the usual niceties—where are you from? What do you do? And he ends up telling me that he was the pilot on my flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles. He had my life in his hands, and I’m still breathing, so I guess I have to thank him for that.

It doesn’t take long for him to place his hand on top of mine, and next thing I know he’s telling me about this place we can go to get some privacy. I check my watch again and, even though Cheryl’s probably already wondering about my whereabouts, I figure I need to do this. My mental sanity is at stake here, Cheryl, be nice.

I follow him through a service only entrance, and he leads me to a small private lounge used only by the air crew. We get inside a private locker room and, as soon as he locks the door behind us, it’s on.

Turning to me, he loses no time and leans into me, his mouth on mine. We kiss as if we are in a hurry, both of us aware that there’s no romance involved; this is the nuts and bolts of getting off, the basic insert Tab A into Slot B. Not that I’m complaining, sometimes that’s enough for a woman to clear her head and forget about the real world for a short while.

He pushes me back against the wall while we kiss, and his hands roam up to my inner thighs, sliding under the hem of my short skirt and going straight for the wet fabric of my thong. My insides clench as I feel his fingers on my wetness and, wanting to go straight into the main event, I pull back from his kiss and take my fingers to his belt. I unbuckle it in a hurry, and then pull his zipper down. His pants drop to his knees and I do the rest, curling my fingers around the hem of his boxers and tugging them down; his cock springs free at once, and it’s significantly bigger than Grady’s: seven inches or so, enough for what I need right now.

Grabbing my thong, he pulls on it, sliding the fabric down until it falls around my ankles. I step out of it as he reaches for his wallet, pulling out a condom wrapper. I take it out from his hands and open it, sliding the condom down his erect cock in one swift movement. He smiles at me and then takes both his hands to my ass, his fingers under my cheeks. Pulling me up and into him, I let him pick me up and lace my legs around his lower back; with one hand I guide his cock right to where I need it to be, and then close my eyes as I feel him slide in.

Wasting no time, he starts to thrust, rocking his hips back and forth at a steady pace. I have my arms thrown over his shoulders, and I just keep still as he does his thing. I throw my head back and let out a soft moan, trying to clear my head and allow the soft waves of pleasure to reach my brain. It’s a bit stupid that I have to exert effort to focus during sex, but I guess that’s par for the course when you hook up like this.

It doesn’t take long; a pleasant warmness spreads from my pussy, crawling up my spine, and I hold my breath as I surrender to it. I moan again, this time louder, and keep my eyes closed as I come.

“Come for me, babe,” I whisper against his ear. I might be being selfish right now, but Cheryl’s going to kill me if I take too long. “That’s it, harder…” I purr, and he’s done in two hard thrusts; his cock spasms harshly inside of me, and he presses his forehead against my shoulder, groaning as he comes.

“That was… that was amazing,” he breathes out, slowly sliding out of me and putting me down on the floor.

“It was,” I agree, even though I’m just being polite. It wasn’t exactly bad, no, but it wasn’t amazing. I pick up my thong from the floor and, instead of putting it back on, I take a clean one from inside my suitcase. “I have to go, I’m already late,” I tell him, and he fishes his cellphone out from the pocket in his jacket.