12 Inches:A Secret Baby Dark Romance(4)

By: Alexis Angel

There's only one thing to do in this situation. I bend down and pick up Susan’s thong. She looks at me and I take it and wipe my cock. It’s slimy with our juices.

Now both sisters look at me with undisguised shock. I pull up my pants, and aware that I have an audience in the millions, zip up.

I toss the thong over to Susan.

It falls to the floor with a THWACK. It’s so filled with juices it’s seeping.

Then I turn toward the authors.

Nearly everyone has their cell phones up. They’re filming. To post on Twitter. Facebook. Google. Show their kids. Show their friends. Prove that they were here.

I do the only thing I fucking can think of in this situation.

I take a bow. An elegant, graceful bow.

And then I straighten up.

“I’m Aidan Stone, male cover model. You can find me on Instagram, folks,” I say. And wait.

It takes a full five seconds and then I hear it.

One lone person clapping.

Then another. And another.

And finally another.

Until there are tables that burst out in applause. Some even stand up to give me an ovation.

What the fuck are they clapping for? Why would they be celebrating what I just fucking did?

Because people are fucking sheep. Put a lot of them together and you can manipulate them like animals.

Alyssa, and now Susan, are staring at me. They’re not sure what to make of this.

But I’m done with them. I toss Susan back her black lace thong, which is dripping with my cum, and turn around to walk off the stage as the applause and ovation continues.

If you think this was insane, and you can't believe it, then welcome to my life.

But if you liked what you saw, and want to see where it goes, you’re in for a ride, babe.

All you’re gonna have to do is flip the page.

Set foot into a world that’ll defy reality.

It’ll make you wet. It’ll make you moan.

You’ll pant.

But it’ll be the best fucking ride of your life.

Think you can hold on?

Then follow me.



Maybe for the fifth time in the hour I refresh my screen.

I don't really know what I'm hoping for.

Somehow maybe the large groups of readers that roam the marketplace will realize that oh hey, Abby Cleveland has just released a book, we need to buy it?

Yeah, that can only happen if the people are made aware that I released a book. And right now, honestly, I'm having trouble believing that I wrote a book—and I'm the author.

I know I should trust my publisher, but I just can't help but second guess myself and wonder if maybe my publisher even cares.

I mean, I know the book is good. And honestly, if it isn't good, I'm okay with reviewers telling me it's crap. I'm not one of those authors who's getting their panties in a twist because they got a 1 star review. Some of my favorite authors are gonna get 1 stars because not everyone is gonna like everything. And that's okay.

But it seems that no one else is being given the opportunity to even give me a 1 star review. Because no one is reading.

And you want to know the worst thing, hun?

This isn't even the first time this is happening. This is probably around the third flop I've got. This entire series has just flopped. Hard.

Like a limp fucking dick.

Sorry. You just met me and I'm more worried about my declining book sales than anything else.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself.

My name is Abby Cleveland and I'm a 23-year-old single woman who lives in New York City. I graduated from NYU about a year ago with an English degree and a boyfriend. I kept the boyfriend but really didn't use the English degree as much. That's because my boyfriend went right to work for Bad Boy Publishing—one of the largest book publishers to come out of the carnage of the publishing world, and he got me a contract with them to be an author.

And for like about the first year, everything went super. I was writing a book a month and people were liking what I was writing.

I write primarily contemporary romance. I focus on bad boys. The badder the better and the more the merrier is what I've always said.

Sure, what I write is sexy. I mean, there isn't a lot of sex in my books. Not as much as some of the people I look up to. And there's no way I'm as good a writer as some of my heroes and role models that got me into the game—like Eddie Cleveland and Alexis Angel. But yeah, I enjoy what I do and the weird part is that I was so young and got a publishing contract.