12 Inches:A Secret Baby Dark Romance(2)

By: Alexis Angel

I am THE Aidan Stone. I’ve graced hundreds of romance novel covers around the world. You have, and will, and probably are, fucking touching yourself as you look at my body on the books by Eddie Cleveland or Simone Sowood.

Basically, I parlayed my looks into something fucking real—a fucking enviable portfolio of book covers and modeling gigs. And besides, I have goals. Professional goals that I’ve been trying to get to. What are they?

Wait a fucking second. I’m gonna cum soon, and I want to rip off my condom and cum all over this bitch. We’ll get back to this history lesson in a few minutes, alright love?

Besides, it turns out that I’m fucking the sister of the girl I used to fuck. How fucking crazy is that?

That’s right. Now you want me, don’t you? Because I fucked Alyssa Moore – USA Today and New York Times Bestselling Author who goes around as the Champion of fucking Humanity. I don’t even know if she writes as many books nowadays. She spends most of her time trying to save the world from blowing itself up. Goes around the world with her curvy fucking ass and big fucking tits and dick-sucking lips and talks about how we should stop using fucking land mines or some shit.

Yeah, I fucked her for two weeks. I thought it would help me get a cover from her publisher. That I’d get an introduction so that I’d be on the cover of a Sinful Reads book. I’d get some pussy from it too, and I wasn’t complaining. I mean that horny bitch jumped my fucking bones the day she met me. Knocked on my hotel room door and without a word got on her knees and began to suck my cock. Used to love it when I sprayed my thick cum all over her body. She used to scoop it up with her fingers and make a purring noise as she would swallow my semen.

How long ago did I meet her?

That’s the fucking rub.

Two fucking weeks ago. That’s right. I sent her a text today – this morning as soon as my private jet touched down in New York City. I figured she lives in New York and I have to be here for this awards show that they’re having so why not kill two birds with one stone and break up with her before the fucking dinner.

So I dropped by her place. I needed to find her. It was obvious that Sinful Reads wasn’t going to be giving me a cover. It became even more apparent that I wasn’t gonna get a fucking cover when Alyssa decided to drop Sinful Reads as a publisher a few days ago. So yeah, when I got into New York, I was ready to talk to her at long last about what I really wanted from her—not her pussy, but her covers. What I didn’t know was that she lived with her fucking sister, and that her sister was a slut as well. I mean, a little bit of banter with the sister and all of a sudden I have a date for this Romance Author awards dinner. And not even a single glass of wine and she’s dropping her panties and hiking up her skirt and I’m fucking her from behind.

Go fucking figure. Only problem is that along the way, I had to end things with Alyssa. So, I sent her a text.

Don’t fucking look at me like that. When she first showed up, I told her this was temporary and it would probably be over in two weeks. She seemed okay with it at the time. And every time I mentioned it, she would brush it off. Well, I wasn’t fucking lying, love.

“Yeah, babe,” I say to Susan, not sure how to broach this subject. I continue my thrusting. “That’s your sister out there emceeing.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything to her. Because she turns her head and tries to listen.

“…I just want to thank everyone who has ever supported the causes I believe in,” Alyssa speaks. “But I also want to take a moment to reach out in the world to a man tonight. This man is incredible and I can’t get him out of my head. He has literally taken me to a new level when we’re … together.”

Oh, fuck. This can’t be good. I slow down my thrusting into Susan as I listen to her sister speak. I’m getting close to cumming and I don’t want to ruin it by having to listen to Alyssa. I mean, sure she was fun, but that’s all she was. I mean, I was trying to get to her publisher after all. She wasn’t anything fucking special and I made sure she knew that from the first day. Truth be told, she was a bit of a fucking princess. As a male model, it’s easy for me to say, but I hate people who have all this entitlement about them.