Their Holly Bell

By: Elisa Leigh

Rash and Jester are searching for a woman to love and have on the back of their bikes permanently. When they meet Holly Bell, they expect to share her like all the others, until they can't. They know their connection is deep, but don't know how far it goes until one decides to walk away.

Holly Bell is on the run. She pissed off the wrong man by leaving him at the altar. He's coming for her and refuses to leave without what's his.

Once Rash and Jester learn why their little Holly Bell is in town, they'll stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Will the safest place for Holly be between two men who don't know what they want from each other?

Their Holly Bell is book three in the Steel Daggers MC. This is an MMF book. This is a safe MC read with an HEA and no cheating or club girl drama.


For every person who had to worry about their forever not being like everyone else’s. You have the power to make it whatever you want it to be with whomever you want.

Love is equal.


Holly Bell

Holly, this is the last interview you have. You’ve interviewed at every restaurant in town and none of them think you’d be a good fit for their perfect little townie restaurant. Fucking townies. You have to ace this one chick. Whatever you do, you have to get this job, or you’ll be moving on to yet another town. Let’s be real, you don’t have money to move again. That would be the third time in six months. Aren’t you tired of moving?

My conscience is a bitch. She’s the tough love angel on my shoulder that I need, but hate listening to. I know she’s right, but damn, lighten up a little C, I don’t need the pressure. I can do this. I can get out of this car and pretend I have my shit together and I’m a normal person.

I park in the back of Spanky’s Bar like the guy on the phone, Ryker, told me to do. Makes sense, party in the front, business in the back. This parking lot is like a freaking mullet. I laugh out loud to myself and my awful attempt at humor. God, I really need to find some friends.

I get out of my car shoving my phone in my back pocket, my keys in my front, and grab my wristlet. I’m not a purse kind of girl. I slam my door, and give the old girl a quick tap. I love this beater, we’ve been through a lot together in the last few months.

I start walking toward the back entrance of Spanky’s when I notice an asshole holding a struggling woman by her neck. He’s got her shoved up against a truck and by the looks of it, he’s not about to stop.

“Hey!” I scream out. I don’t think twice in intervening in whatever is going on between them. No way in hell am I going to watch someone hurt another. I run over to them, but the chick has some fight in her and gets the bastard down to the ground before I can assist. By the time I’m standing next to her, he’s rolling around on the asphalt grabbing his dick and crying because she just obliterated his balls with her boot.

I look her over checking to make sure she isn’t seriously hurt, but all I can see is her trembling body staring down at the man.

“Sweetie are you okay? Hey hun, look at me. Are you hurt?” I ask trying to snap her out of it.

“Yeah. No. I’m not hurt badly.” She says with a scratchy voice.

Now that she’s turned toward me I get a better view of her. She’s a beautiful little blonde dressed in skinny jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, with the Spanky’s Bar logo on the side. She must work here. When I finally look at her neck it’s already purple and swollen.

“Why don’t you go inside and get some help.” I suggest, knowing she’s going to need ice and a stiff drink to get through tonight.

“I’m not leaving you alone out here, not with him.”

I smirk and shrug my shoulders, she has no idea the things I’ve been left alone with. “I’m pretty sure I could take him.”

She’s tough and sweet and reminds me a lot of me. Maybe not the sweet part, but definitely the fight I sense in her.

I watch over the guy, while she searches around the ground and finally finds what she’s looking for. She picks up a phone and makes a call.

“I need you outside. I’m in the back lot.” She says to the person on the other end.

Less than a minute later three men come running out the back door of Spanky’s, guns drawn and looking seriously pissed off. One of them runs over to the woman and pulls her into his arms.

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