The Gladiator's Prize:Warriors of the World 1

By: April Andrews

It used to be that those who entered the arena would fight to the death, but on the planet A’lton the winner is the male who can make the other submit…

Logan A’lars has won every contest he has ever entered in the A’lton arena. Male after male have fallen to their knees before him, he has become rich beyond his wildest dreams and is ready to hang up his whip for good. But when Logan finds out that the next male to enter the arena is a human, one of the last, he cannot resist the challenge of claiming that male for himself.

Matt James is being forced into the arena against his will. As a human he is highly prized and the aliens of A’lton will pay good money to see him claimed. Only Matt has no intention of allowing any alien to master him. He plans to fight like his ancestors once did…until he meets Logan and realizes that it may not be that simple after all…


To those who like a little gladiator in their man.

The Gladiator’s Prize

Chapter One

Logan A’lars flicked back his arm and shot his whip out across the arena. It caught his opponent, an alien named A’rees fresh from Prima Five, straight across the back, and the other male roared as he fell head first onto the dusty floor.

Logan stalked across the space, whip now held loosely in his hand, his nostrils flaring from the scents around him. The arena was packed today, almost ten thousand citizens of A’lton and visitors from who knew where, were all crammed in to see their favorite gladiator.


He lifted his head as he walked and was rewarded by screams and cheers. The crowd could sense the closing of the battle, knew that soon he would end it. They could hardly wait. With narrowed eyes Logan watched as those in the best seats shifted slightly, or maybe squirmed was a better word. Nipples hardened against flimsy fabrics. Hands were lowered as cocks were palmed and pussies rubbed. They were eager for him to get on with it, to give them what they were waiting for.

Logan, however, was planning to take his time.

This was his last battle. The last time he was going to be in this arena. His last claiming. He intended to enjoy every single moment of it.

He flicked his whip again, just a small slap against A’rees’ ass. The other male groaned and attempted to move across the ground on his elbows. It excited Logan to see it. He loved nothing better than when they tried to escape him. It made the final act all the more exciting.

“Stay still,” he growled.

A’rees did not comply. He lifted himself on to his hands and knees, leaving Logan no choice but to flick the whip once more. It caught the male across the backs of his bare thighs, raising a welt across the skin.

The crowd roared their approval.

He was going to miss this, Logan thought as he placed a booted foot on A’rees back. The scents in the arena were like nothing else on this planet, or any other he had visited—a combination of desire, guilt and money. And the colors! Everywhere he looked Logan could see the brightest of pinks, the hottest of reds. His home planet was a mass of grays and browns. Dull. Boring. Insipid. No wonder he had been so eager to escape.

“Stop struggling,” he hissed as A’rees moved again.

A’ress turned his head and shot Logan a glare. He was not happy about having failed in the arena, though Logan knew he was more than happy about what was to come next. Logan knew this because A’ress was completely naked. Logan had stripped him of his robes in the first minute of the battle. It made the ending much easier and also gave him a chance to see exactly what he would be mastering.

He pushed his foot down so that A’rees’ back bowed. His thick cock hung low now, almost scraping the floor. Logan couldn’t help but grin as he watched a drop of pre-cum leak from the tip.

“You please me,” Logan said in a low voice. “Your cock pleases me. Look at it weeping already. It will be an honor to make you my last claiming.”

A’rees shifted slightly, his ass thrusting back. He was ready and willing. In the end they always were. The males that entered the arena knew what the outcome was likely to be if they lost, and they always lost against him.


Logan made a show of circling around his prize. The audience cheered for him, begged him to hurry up. Logan gave them a slow smirk as he wound up his whip and dropped it next to A’rees’ knees. The other man could easily have grabbed it and made another attempt to best him, but he did not. He was panting heavily, the welts on his skin now a delicious pink color, his cock leaking more fluid.

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