Statistically Improbable (Dating by Design Book 2)(10)

By: Jennifer Peel

Once our orders were taken, I felt like all the attention fell on me.

Cissy, who was next to me, was first to speak. “Tell us, sweetheart, where you’re from and about your family.”

“Wyoming, ma’am. My dad, and my older and younger brother still live there.”

“And what about your momma?” Adelaide asked.

“She passed away when I was fourteen.”

Everyone at the table gave me a sorrowful look. “We are sorry to hear that, dear.” Mrs. Marshall squeezed my hand. “Now tell us, where do you go to church?”

That was one thing about living in the South. It seemed like almost everyone asked if you had a church to go to.

“I honestly haven’t been in a while. I used to go with my aunt, but she’s recently married and traveling.”

“You’re just going to have to come with us.” Mrs. Marshall stared hard at Zander. “And you should come too, young man.”

“Now, you know if I go more than twice a year, God will send hellfire and burn the place down. That’s why Kenz can’t have her wedding there.”

Kenadie’s eyes screamed at Zander. It was obviously something she didn’t want mentioned.

“I still can’t believe we’re having it at the country club.” Mrs. Marshall sounded like she might cry.

“Momma, God is everywhere. And you know why I can’t get married at the church.”

Jason put his arm around Kenadie in a protective fashion. Kenadie had been left at the altar there. Or at least that’s what Cara told me.

“Fine, Kenadie Anne, but at least tell me you found some more bridesmaids besides Lana.” Lana was Kenadie’s niece. I had met her before at the office and Kenadie spoke of her often.

Kenadie rolled her eyes. It really did look a lot like me. “I told you, all I need is Lana.”

“Now Kennie,” Cissy spoke. “The wedding won’t look right with Jason having five groomsmen and you only having one bridesmaid.”

Kenadie ran her fingers through her damp hair. “I knew we should have eloped.”

Mrs. Marshall smacked her arm. “Don’t even think about it.”

“I love you, Momma.” Kenadie smirked.

Jason whispered something into Kenadie’s ear and she blushed. I was jealous. I wanted a man to whisper in my ear.

Zander gave me a grin. He seemed to be enjoying the show.

“Why don’t you ask some of the girls you work with.” Mrs. Marshall turned her sights toward me. And before Kenadie or I could say a word, the Nanettes went crazy.

“Oh, yes.” Cissy smoothed my hair with her hand and then touched my face. “The champagne colored dress will go perfect with her dark hair and olive skin.”

“And she’s the perfect height to stand next to Lana.”

I shook my head and braved a look at Kenadie who was surprisingly not frowning. She shrugged her shoulders. “Why not? Do you mind, Meg?”

“Um . . .”

“Of course she doesn’t,” Mrs. Marshall answered for me. “We’ll take her measurements after she comes to church with us on Sunday.”

I looked at Zander, who was beyond amused at the events that had just taken place. He threw his arms around Cissy and Adelaide and they giggled. “I knew you ladies wouldn’t disappoint me tonight.”

Chapter Four

“Well, that was fun, darlin’.” Zander was barely controlling his laughter on the drive home.

“Do you think Kenadie’s upset that I’m going to be one of her bridesmaids? I don’t know her that well and she’s my boss.”

“Kenadie and Jason just want to get married. They don’t care about what happens at the ceremony. The ceremony is for Nan, so as long as she’s happy, that’s all that counts.”

“I still don’t think Kenadie is thrilled with the idea, or the fact I came tonight.”

“She likes you. It’s me. She’s worried I’ll tick you off and you’ll quit.”

“I could see that being a possibility, at least the ticking off part.”

“I’d be disappointed if I didn’t.”

“I used to think my brothers were the most arrogant men alive, but I do believe you deserve the crown.”

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