Soulless:MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #2)(7)

By: Franca Storm

And what I see has my breath catching in my throat.

Fucking hell.

Jackson’s in his chair, slumped over his desk, his face buried in the wood with half his head blown away. Blood, flesh and bits of brain matter are splattered all over the desktop.

Fucker’s already dead.

Someone else has taken him out.

I scan the room. No sign of anyone being here, except him being dead and the bullet holes in the door lock.

I’m ‘bout to check out the place for any clues on who the hell did this, but a voice outside in the lot stops me.

“I’ll save you the detective work.”

I spin to see Dealer standing there by the chain link fence.

“Guilty,” he tells me.

I step outta Jackson’s office and slam the door shut, hiding the blood bath inside. Shaking my head as I approach, I tell him, “Told you this is my fight.”

“And I told you, you made it mine with this crusade being ‘bout my daughter.”

“Fuck, Dealer. You crazy-ass bastard. Did you really need to be so fucking brutal ‘bout Jackson?”

He shrugs. “Guy put up a fight.” He pulls out his phone and I watch him screw ‘round with it, sending a text or something.

“What you doing?”

He finishes up and pockets it. “Thanks to you walking in there and touching shit, I gotta get someone up here to do a cleanup.”

“Didn’t touch nothing.”

“Your boots touched the floor, didn’t they? The door?”

Argh. “I can take care of my own shit, Dealer. Don’t underestimate me.”

“Ain’t, Ax. But you don’t got time for that right now. We got bigger problems.”


“Forget ‘bout making your way up your list. Gotta take out the top dog. Right now.”

He pulls a piece of paper outta the back pocket of his jeans and shoves it at me. I snatch it from him and see it’s a copy of my list. “How’d you—?”

“You were in a rage ‘bout Ricky. Didn’t think twice ‘bout leaving me alone in your office. I lifted it and made a copy.”

He snatches it back and points to the top of the list.

Malcolm Kent.

I shake my head. “He’s last.”

“Yeah. I know why you need him to be last.”

“What?” I seethe.

“I know what he did to you.”

Fuck me. Can’t be going there. “Look, ain’t gonna discuss that. He’s last.”

“He’s resurfaced!”

Before I can get a word out, or remember how the hell to speak after hearing those words outta his mouth, he goes on, “There’s been a lot of talk the last few days. And, believe me, he’s the biggest threat right now. It can’t wait.”

“Cuz you decide?”

“He’s looking for Roxana.”


“My question, too. I ain’t sure. Found out that the two of ‘em did some business a few years back.”

“Fucking hell. What was she thinking, getting mixed up with that sadist?”

“Roxana has a tendency to get mixed up with people she shouldn’t,” he says, pointedly.

I know he’s talkin’ ‘bout her getting mixed up with me. “I ain’t nothing like him.”

“Ain’t saying you are, but you ain’t exactly a model citizen either. You ain’t safe.”

Fine. Can’t deny that. I shift my weight and fold my arms across my chest, tryin’ to keep my shit together and not lose my temper from these revelations. “How’d you know Kent’s looking for her?”

“Cuz while I been keeping an eye on you and been away from Brockford, the asshole sent a couple of his Mafioso thugs in to shake up Ralph, to try to get her location. Guy ended up in the ER. Found out a few hours ago.”


“Yeah. He’s gonna be okay. He took down Kent’s guys, too. He knows how to fight. He should; I taught him and had him teach Roxana as well after I went to ground.” He pinches the bridge of his nose and says, “We gotta pull her out before he gets to her. If he finds out ‘bout the two of you, he’ll lose his shit. Any friend of yours is another hit to him, yeah?”

“All cuz of what Skinner did to his mom.” He did some messed up shit to her. Took her, used her ‘round his club and then put a bullet in her head when he’d had enough of her.

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