Soulless:MC Biker Romance (Black Thorns, #2)(3)

By: Franca Storm

“Why you here?” I demand, cutting him off. Can’t get into all that. Makes me angry just thinking ‘bout how I basically got forced into the Prez role instead of being able to walk like I wanted—with my girl and our kid.

His eyes bore into mine as he leans across the desk and tells me, “I know what you’re doing.”

“Got no idea what you talkin’ ‘bout.” Shit. Does he know? How would he? The boys don’t even know. Well, ‘til he says the words, I ain’t gonna admit to nothing.

“You made the mistake of coming through Brockford. My city now, remember? Rox handed her business over to me.”

Jesus. Don’t say her fucking name to me.

“Was just passing through.”

He scoffs. “Bullshit. I know who you were looking for. Riley. How far up your list did he make it? Top ten, yeah? Guy had a major beef with your old man. Skinner killed his sister. Never got his vengeance, but you’re still here, so you’ll be his target. If you walk. Not as Prez, though. Guy ain’t gonna risk taking on the entire club by going after you.”

He knows way too much.

He goes on, “Figure you got all their locations by now, yeah? Your hit list’s ready?”

I just stare at him.

He shakes his head. “Burn it. Now.”

My eyes narrow. “We got a good relationship going between us, Dealer. You keep talkin’ and I ain’t sure where that’s gonna end up. You feel me?”

Bastard don’t even flinch. “You’re going down a dark road. You ain’t gonna make it back.”

“My business.”

“No. It ain’t, cuz this shit’s ‘bout one thing: my daughter.”

“It’s ‘bout tying up loose ends.”

“Nah. This is ‘bout what I told you. ‘Bout it not being safe for Rox if you two are together, cuz of all the enemies you got—most cuz of Skinner. So, you figured you’d take ‘em all out. Remove those obstacles and then get her back.”

Jesus Christ. His reach is massive. The shit he knows. Shocking.

“Yeah,” I admit. He already knows. No point keeping up this bullshit now.

He leans forward and tells me, “Problem is; you do this, you ain’t gonna come back from it. It’ll twist you. You won’t be the same man. Won’t be the man she knew, Ax. Won’t be nothing left of you to be with her anyway.”

The door flies open then and Runner bursts on in.

“What the fuck, asshole? You don’t fucking knock?” I fume, shooting to my feet.

I’ve told him so many times ‘bout it, but it’s just a reflex with him to be too damn casual ‘bout shit.

I’m more pissed than I should be, cuz of the personal shit that’s gone down between us lately. I still ain’t forgiven him for the way he treated Rox when we were together. Every time I see him, I keep seeing the shit he said to her. Also came out ‘bout him laying his hands on her in my kitchen. Overheard him and Smiter talkin’ ‘bout it a few months back and I lost my shit—threw him across the bar and smashed a bunch of bottles and glasses and shit. Fucker had to get stitched up at the hospital. Ain’t best friends no more. Dickhead.

“Sorry,” he says, looking shit-scared. Probably thinking ‘bout those stitches. “We got trouble down at The Cove.”

Damn bar we own down by the docks. We got our fingers in a lot of pies here, in Reirdon Falls. We own a couple of bars. A diner. A used bike shop. We’re also in talks to take on ownership of Reirdon Construction. The company’s ‘bout to go belly up, so we’re looking to take it over, save all the jobs of the staff—all locals—and turn it ‘round and make a profit while we’re at it. Everything’s been running smooth with all the businesses, except The Cove. Been causing us grief for the last month, cuz of a staff member’s fucked up ex. Already had the boys put him down twice. Guy just keeps coming back for more beat downs.

“Ricky down there again?”

“With a fucking .45 caliber this time.”


“Yeah, Prez. He’s holding up the place and demanding Vicky come outta the bathroom she locked herself in.”

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