Running Mate(108)

By: Katie Ashley

“What would that entail?” Barrett questioned as he loomed over me.

“You can fuck me, but only if you promise to also make love to me.”

“It’s been a long day—are you sure you’re up for that?”

I grinned as I eyed the bulge in his underwear. “As long as the Bear’s up for it, I am.”

“Trust me, he’s always up for it.” Barrett dipped off the mattress to open the nightstand drawer. To show his commitment to my compromise, he tossed a sheet of condoms onto the bed.

I snorted. “You just moved in here today and you already have condoms in the nightstand?”

“I thought putting them in my tux pocket would be tacky.”

“Good thinking.”

Opening a condom, Barrett said, “We need to get you on the pill.”

“I can do that, but with only six months until the wedding, it might not make sense for me to get started now.”

Barrett paused before sliding the condom on his massive length. “Why not?”

“Because I might want to have a baby right away,” I teasingly replied. While I braced myself for his horror and indignation, I hadn’t planned on his actual reaction.

“Why don’t we start now, and we could really have tongues wagging with a shotgun wedding?” he suggested.

My eyes bulged. “You’re joking.”

He shook his head. “I’m ready to be a father.”

“You’re ready for shitty diapers, snotty noses, and bratty tantrums?” I said, repeating the line he had said to me when we had first talked about kids.


“Considering you didn’t even want to get married, what could have possibly changed your mind about having children?”

“You did.” His expression grew serious. “You changed everything, Addison.”

My heartbeat accelerated, and I fought to catch my breath. “Really? I mean about babies.”

“Yeah, really.” With a grin, Barrett tossed the condom over his shoulder, illustrating to me that he was really in on the baby-making.

My mind felt like it was about to short-circuit with emotions, and when Barrett leaned in to kiss me, I screeched, “Wait!”

Barrett’s brows shot up. Before he could ask what my problem was, I dove past him to retrieve one of condoms. At his puzzled look, I smiled. “Call me crazy, but after the unorthodox way our relationship started, I’d like to do things a little more normally, like not walk down the aisle in the Rose Garden at the White House with a baby bump.”

“People do have babies first.”

“I know, it’s just that we’ve done everything untraditionally, so I’d like a little tradition in my life.”

“Then I’ll suit up the Bear,” Barrett said before taking the condom from me. After sliding it on, he covered my body with his, pushing me down onto the mattress. When his hand came between my thighs, I gasped with pleasure.

As Barrett’s fingers worked their magic on me in Lincoln’s bed, I still couldn’t believe this was my life, my future. Somehow I’d been chosen to fake an engagement for political gain, and as a result I’d found my running mate for life.

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