Haunting (The Willow Creek Vampires Series Book 2)

By: Stephanie Summers


Sabine Crowley awoke just before dusk. She rolled over catching sight of her vampire husband, Remy, sleeping peacefully beside her. Despite her initial distaste and loathing of the vampire, she’d grown to love him just as he loved her. Brushing a strand of dark hair away from his forehead, she watched as the corner of his lip turned up into a half smile.

Remy opened his eyes and caught her gaze. “Such a beauty… How did I get so lucky to wake up next to you?” he asked as his fingers skimmed her jawline. “Have you been awake long?”

Sabine shook her head and smiled. “Are we ever leaving this bed or this room? We haven’t been on the other side of that door,” her chin tilted up, motioning toward it, “or out of our little love nest here for over a week.” She propped herself up on her elbow, intent on hearing his response.

“No.” A quiet humming emanated from his throat as Remy’s mouth sought out hers. Pushing against her body with his until her back flattened against the bed, his fingers tangled in her wavy hair. The warmth of her lips brought life to his own. “Do you have something better to do, wife?” he asked against her lips.

His Londoner accent caressed her ears. She could listen to him speak for eternity and never get tired of it. Even when he’d grated her nerves before they’d fallen in love, his voice had done wicked things to her.

“No, husband.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled him closer and peered deep into his bright green eyes. It hadn’t been all that long ago when she hesitated looking at him like that for fear he would control her and make her do something against her will, like vampires were known to do, but now she could get lost in his eyes if she allowed herself. She knew he’d never pull such a trick on her. How quickly things could change…

Kissing her nose, he looked down at her. “Are you hungry?”

Her brown eyes sparkled at him. “A little. You?” She bit her bottom lip and cocked her head to the side, exposing her neck.

“I’m starving for you, love. If you’re offering, I’m biting,” he said, dipping his head to kiss her neck, “but we need to get you some food first so you don’t lose your strength. You haven’t eaten since yesterday. Shall I ring the kitchen and have something brought to you, or do you want to leave our quarters for once? We could go downtown to that café you like so much.” Remy stood up. The sheet slid off his body, exposing his perfectly firm ass. He reached for a pair of dark, just-tight-enough jeans he’d tossed on the floor beside the bed and pulled them on. “We could maybe meet up with Delia. It is Saturday, after all.”

As much as she wanted to see Delia, one of her two best friends, and continue their Saturday evening ritual of iced coffees and gossip, it just wasn’t the same anymore. Too many things had changed since she’d left almost a year before to go on a European trek with Remy and her arranged marriage to him that subsequently followed after they’d returned. She was no longer the girl she’d been before she left. Gone were the days of carefree chitchat and teenaged angst or talk of boys they’d found attractive. The topics they’d always chosen to discuss seemed so juvenile now. She hadn’t had any communication with Delia since before she moved to Willow Creek Manor anyway, and she wasn’t sure she would even be free if she tried to make plans with her.

“Just call down. Nothing fancy, though. Maybe a BLT or something easy like that.”

He smirked at her as he sat back down on the bed and picked his phone up off the nightstand. “I never thought you’d be so eager to stay cooped up here with me in this place—not after all that whining you did.”

She tossed a pillow at his head, though she expected him to dodge it like he’d always done when she’d thrown a pillow at him. It thudded quietly against him and dropped to the floor. “Quiet, you. If I seem to recall, you weren’t exactly thrilled about it all either, so shut your trap.”

Remy sat the phone down, turning to playfully tackle Sabine, when his muscles stiffened for a brief second before his body twitched like a cold shiver had moved up his spine.

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