Fated Ties (The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 3)(9)

By: Franca Storm

And then she felt that unsettling sensation return. The euphoria of possessing so much power that pulled on something dark within her, urging her to set it free. What could only be described as a killer instinct, welled up inside her, starting in the pit of her stomach and quickly travelling through every fiber of her being. Panicking, she lowered the statues quickly, careful to do so gently, so as not to break them. Her father would be pissed if that happened.

“Ah! Stop!” she cried out as the dark pull within resisted her will to draw her power back and reabsorb it safely.

The exertion forced her to her knees. She managed to call back her magic and reabsorb it. But the awful feeling was still lingering enough to disturb her. She gripped either side of her head and murmured, “Leave me. I command you, leave me.”

It took a few moments of quiet concentration and complete serenity, before it finally subsided. She breathed a heavy sigh and climbed to her feet.

And that was when she noticed Shaye watching her from the bottom entrance step leading up to the palace.

“How long has this been happening?” she asked, concern etched into her features.

“Since I stormed the vampire mansion to attempt to rescue Ryan.”

Shaye climbed to her feet and approached her. “Every time you expend such significant levels of power, it is a risk.”

“A risk?”

“Of opening a door to the darkness that will become more and more difficult to close without an anchor. Great power doesn’t come without a price, Cora. The universe doesn’t give anyone anything for free. Yes, you need an anchor.”

“An anchor?”

“Something that ties you back to yourself. Something that centers you. Do you remember what I told you before you went after Ryan at Luca’s mansion that night? I warned you that Michael would try to manipulate you and make you lose control?”

“Yes, I remember.”

“This is what I meant. The loss of control that you are fighting now—the darkness within. Your anchor has to be your own—something personal to you. I would suggest Ryan, or your son. Your love for them is pure and untainted. It will be a powerful anchor.”

“What’s yours?”

Shaye smiled. “My coven.”

Cora nodded and then something occurred to her. “I wonder why my father didn’t tell me about needing an anchor when he was training me.”

She saw Shaye start in surprise at her words. So, she thought it was odd, too, then? But, instead of addressing it, she went on to say, “You need to tell Ryan about this, Cora. He should know in case anything…happens. Then he will know how to help you, should you need it.”

“I will. If I ever see him again,” she said sadly. God, I miss him and Orion. So much.

“That’s why I came out here. King Vazra received news a few moments ago from the Dark Realm.”

Cora’s gaze snapped to hers. And that was when she saw something flickering in Shaye’s eyes. Shock? Fear? Oh my God, what is it? “Is Ryan…?”

“He’s fine. Your son is fine. It’s just…Oriana is back. She showed up in the Dark Realm. Apparently, Nathanial had been a hair’s breadth away from killing Luca when she showed up.”

“What? Ryan’s mother has returned?”

“A shock to all of us. Although, I’m sure to no one more so than Ryan and Nathanial. Luca and Michael have been imprisoned at the edge of the Dark Realm. Nathanial believes she is still in the Dark Realm and he has people out searching for her. Both he and Marella believe her to be a threat to the White and Dark Realm alike…and…to your son. The bridge.”

Cora’s eyes narrowed with fury, her protective maternal instincts kicking in at the mere suggestion that Orion might be in danger. She brushed past Shaye and sped up the steps towards the palace, taking them two at a time. “My son!” she thundered. “Oriana thinks she can threaten my son? We’ll see about this. I want in on this damned Royal Court meeting.”

As she strode through the lobby, fury emanating from her every step, Shaye called after her, “Cora, your father will not like this. He is in session with his Royal Court. You cannot just burst on in there.”

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