Fated Ties (The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 3)(3)

By: Franca Storm

He leaned into her and told her in a dangerously low whisper, “If I were truly hurting you, you’d know it.” He released her roughly and growled, “I want you gone. Now.” He stepped back from her, putting some much-needed distance between them, unable to endure being so close to her any longer. It was threatening his self-control. The monster was desperate to break free. “You should never have come here. You couldn’t even do me the decency of quietly teleporting here. Instead, you expended as much magical energy as possible by ripping through the very fabric of the realm!”

“I was in a rush, Nathanial! You were seconds away from killing our son!”

“A fate that he had brought upon himself!”

She scoffed, dismissing his remark. “Where did your guards take him and Michael?”

“The Mountains of Exspes at the edge of the realm.”

She gasped. “The prison of purgatory?”

He rolled his eyes at her use of such a term. It was what the commoners referred to the prison as. Such a term should have been beneath her and it just emphasized her complete lack of class. What an error in judgment it had been to marry such a woman. But, at the time he’d needed a queen quickly to bear him an heir. He’d wanted her sister; it had always been her. But Marella had been involved with someone at the time—that poor excuse for a warlock. And so, he’d chosen the next best thing. Oriana.

“I could not risk having Michael here in the castle dungeons. As you are well aware, there is potent dark magic running through the castle—my power. He violates the rules of magic without concerning himself with the consequences, meaning he could have succeeded in calling some of the dark power unto himself, putting everyone here in jeopardy. And, as for Luca, I do not wish to look upon him. I do not want him anywhere near my home…or the thrones.”

“The reputation of the Exspes prison is notorious, Nathanial. Prisoners are sent there for one reason—to be broken. I will not allow you to torture our son.”

“He is fortunate that I did not kill him. I showed him mercy that he did not deserve, because of you!”

“He is my son, too! You do not decide for the both of us!”

“You are wasting your energy on the wrong son, Oriana!”

“Ryan does not need my help.”

“No, he does not. Because, unlike Luca, he is nothing like you.”

“What does that mean?”

“Ryan does not possess your temperament, your flawed decision-making. He is very much his father’s son. He has Cornelius’s wisdom. Luca was not so fortunate. He is all you.”

She shot out her right hand and fisted it in his silk shirt. “Do not mention Cornelius to me! His name should never cross your lips, Nathanial!” she roared. “How dare you!”

Nathanial snarled down at her. “I will give you one chance to release me. If you do not, I will break every bone in your hand, whore.”

Incensed by him calling her a whore and referencing her true mate, Nathanial felt her power rising. Her hands warmed quickly. She was right on the edge of releasing the full furor of her magic upon him.

They locked eyes and he stared her down. He doubted she would actually strike him. She was strong, but she was also very well aware of how great his power was, especially when he was riled up. Furthermore, he was faster and physically stronger. He wasn’t an ordinary vampire—he was the Vampire King. Faster and stronger than all, especially a sorceress.

She released him with a curse and then turned her back on him and strode towards the lounge.

“You do not turn your back on me!” he thundered after her.

But she ignored him and continued on.

He stood in front of her in a burst of vampire speed, blocking her way to Ryan and Marella at the door into the lounge.

“Mom,” Ryan breathed.

Oriana glared up at Nathanial and demanded, “Step aside. I wish to greet my son.”

Nathanial didn’t move. He just stood there glaring at her, refusing to give into her demands, refusing to give her anything she wanted at all. He just wanted her gone. Now.

“Nathanial,” Ryan growled.

Nathanial looked at Ryan and saw immediately that it wasn’t a request. It was a clear demand with a prevalent warning. He snuck a quick glance at Marella and he saw the sympathy in her eyes for his plight. She nodded with a reassuring smile. Allow it. It will be okay. He grunted and stepped aside.

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