Fated Blood(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 5)

By: Franca Storm

A paranormal erotic romance series


Her claws bit into his biceps and she gasped, “Ryan, look at me.”

He hissed and pulled out. “On your knees, Jada.”

“Ryan—” she started to protest.

“On. Your. Knees,” he repeated, cutting her off.

She made a disgruntled growl and begrudgingly complied, climbing onto her knees and pushing her ass into the air. Just the way he liked her.

Despite her little protest there, he knew she couldn’t deny him anything. The pull she felt to him was too strong. Whatever he wanted, she gave him, just to be near him. He was well aware.

He came to her every night but it still wasn’t enough. She wanted him with her all the time but he wouldn’t give her that. The only thing he would give her was mind-blowing sex. They didn’t even talk anymore. It had been that way for the last three weeks.

Since her.

She moaned as he slid his index finger along her soaking wet slit. He growled in appreciation. He always enjoyed the sounds she made.

And then he plunged his cock into her in one sudden thrust, burying himself inside her right to the hilt. She screamed.

He didn’t waste any time being gentle. He never did anymore. He fucked her hard, his claws digging painfully into her ass. He was merciless; his thrusts were brutal and his grunts were almost painful.

He felt her pussy clamp down around his cock and she shrieked out her release. She was done. But he wasn’t.

He didn’t stop. He kept fucking her for several long minutes before he suddenly pulled out with an angry groan. He hadn’t come. Yet again.

He collapsed onto the bed beside her with a frustrated sigh and before she could reach for him, he turned away from her onto his side.

“Ryan,” she said gently, stroking his arm.

He tensed under the contact but she didn’t pull back. “Don’t,” he murmured.

“Just talk to me, Ryan.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” he muttered.

“You’re hurting because of what happened to Cora.”

At the sound of that name on her lips, he bolted off the bed and yelled over his shoulder, “Don’t say her name!”

He snatched his boxers off the floor and pulled them on quickly.

“Why do you come to me when you’re only thinking about her?”

He spun around angrily. “Because it’s the only time I feel anything. It’s the bond thing between us. Okay?”

“But it’s not enough? Not what you had with her? You feel the loss of it since she…died?”

As Ryan slid on his jeans, he saw the hurt on her face. But he just couldn’t find it within him to reassure her, to take it away. He didn’t have that anymore. He didn’t have anything.

“What do you want from me?” he thundered.

“You!” she screamed back. “I want you, Ryan!”

“I come to you. We fuck. You get off. Isn’t that enough?” he asked as he snatched his shirt off the floor and pulled it on.

“You don’t even come.”

He growled low in his throat. “We’re not talking about that.”

“You won’t even look at me when we make love.”

He scoffed. “Make love? You and I have never done that. We fuck. That’s it. I thought you enjoyed it. If you don’t, please fucking let me know.”

“I do, but—”

He shrugged on his leather jacket and pulled out a pair of sunglasses and slipped them on. He turned back to her. “I thought so.”


Throwing up his hands, he bellowed, “I don’t have anything more to give you! Understand that!”

She started to cry. Oh, fuck this bullshit. He turned away and, without looking back, he bolted from the room, slamming the door behind him.


Nathanial watched from the shadows as Ryan rushed out of the guest room where Jada was staying. He’d only made it a few steps down the corridor before slamming his fist into the wall. A pained roar ripped from his throat. Nathanial had never heard anything like it. It cut right through him.

He watched him slide down the wall, collapsing to his knees as he broke down. His broken sobs echoed down the deathly quiet corridor.

Nathanial heard him murmuring Cora’s name in sorrow. And then Orion’s.

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