Fated Betrayal(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 2)(7)

By: Franca Storm

His claws dug into her back, slicing her soft flesh apart, shredding her skin.

She stopped then and screamed in agony.

The sound of her agonized cries managed to reach something within him and he forced himself to pull his teeth out of her shoulder. But his claws kept shredding her. He found himself unable to control more than one thing at once.

“I can’t…stop…I….blast me…with your…power,” he choked out. “Now, Cora.”

“I…I’m too weak…too much blood loss. Please, Ryan. Stop. Please,” she begged, sobbing. “It hurts.”

Suddenly, Ryan felt strong hands on his shoulders. They ripped him from Cora and tossed him across the pool onto the grass embankment.

Instantly, the powerful feeling that had gripped him dissipated and he became cognizant of reality. Fucking hell, what have I done?

“Cora!” he screamed.

“It’s okay,” a voice came from beside him suddenly.

Ryan turned to see a massive figure of a man approaching him with Cora in his arms. His shoulder-length, golden hair was tucked behind his pointed ears. A faerie. His eyes were a deep lilac. He wore dark blue, loose pants made of some sort of silk material. His white shirt billowed against the wind and it was open enough to reveal the start of his chiseled abs. He was clean-shaven and looked to be in his late twenties—in human years.

He knelt down with Cora in his arms, helping her into a sitting position. He couldn’t lay her down on account of the deep wounds on both her back and her chest. He held her tightly in his arms.

“Let me take her,” Ryan said, reaching for her.

“No,” the man said, tightening his hold on her protectively. “She needs to remain as still as possible so she can heal.”

Incensed that another man was holding his wife while she was wet and naked, Ryan emitted a low, threatening growl.

“You do not scare me, wolf,” the man said. “But I understand why you are uncomfortable. Let me ease your tension.”

Ryan watched as the man waved his right hand over Cora’s body. A white robe appeared on her suddenly, covering her nakedness. The man turned to him and did the same thing. Ryan looked down and found himself wearing a robe also.

He knelt down beside Cora and brought his wrist to his teeth. “My blood will heal her.”

“No, she will heal on her own. She does not need your blood,” he said with distaste.

“What?” Ryan snapped.

“Your blood is dark. She does not need more of it tainting her. She is pure. The White Realm Princess.”

“She is my wife!” Ryan growled.

“And what great care you have taken of her,” the man said, gesturing to her barely conscious state.

Ryan hesitated. Shit, the son of a bitch is right. What have I done? “I didn’t mean to…the water….”

“It’s enchanted. It brings out one’s deepest, innermost desires. It is not intended for Dark Realm creatures, because as you can see, your deepest desires are very dark indeed. Hers was pleasure. Yours was pain.”

“No,” Ryan said, shaking his head. “I would never hurt her intentionally.”

“Deep down you want to. The pool does not lie about these things.”

Before Ryan could respond and rip the guy a new one, Cora’s eyes opened and she pushed against the guy’s hold on her. The blood that had stained her white robe had dried now. She was healed. She looked up at the man holding her and drew back as though he’d just slapped her across the face. She scrambled to her feet and tightened the robe around her protectively.

“David?” she choked out.

“Yes, my princess,” he said, getting to his feet.

“David?” Ryan repeated. “Your ex-fiancé, David?” he demanded.

Cora nodded and then her gaze fell on Ryan. He stood up and reached for her but she drew back quickly.

“Cora?” he murmured, hurt that she was reacting like that to him. “It was the water. It was spelled. I am sorry, my love.”

“I know. I just…I can’t right now,” she said, looking away, unable to meet his gaze.

He reached for her hand and she jumped back.

“No! Don’t! Please!” she screamed.

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