Fated Betrayal(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 2)(60)

By: Franca Storm

“Of course, it’s always a good idea to bring back up,” Michael added. He whistled and, moments later, six of his ravenous wolves bounded into the room.

“I brought a little something with me, too,” Luca said, gesturing to the blood-red pendant around his neck, the gift Nathanial had given to him that possessed a portion of Dark Realm magic.

Nathanial held up his right hand and made a crushing gesture.

Luca watched in horror as the pendant around his neck crumbled to dust before his eyes.

Nathanial snarled. “You forget that you are on my territory now.”

Michael thrust his hand out towards him. Nothing happened. “What?” he roared. “What is this?”

“Your magic will not work here. It is an abomination that is not tolerated by the realm.”

“Attack!” Luca bellowed at Michael’s wolves.

On his command, all six of them bounded towards Nathanial and Ryan.

Nathanial watched, impressed, as Ryan shifted instantly and launched himself at the wolves. He ripped through the necks of the nearest two with ease and swiped another with his claws.

Michael and Luca came at Nathanial. Nathanial thrust a bolt of red fire at Michael, the power behind it blowing him right through the wall of the Great Hall. Luca launched himself at his neck and Nathanial gripped him by his shaggy, black hair and tossed him aside.

As he turned to Ryan battling the wolves, Luca rushed him from behind and tackled him to the floor. He thrust something through his shoulder. He roared at the sharp, searing sensation and kicked Luca back. He staggered to his feet and ripped out the offending object—one of the candelabras off the wall. Metal, not wood.

“You dare to wound your own father!” he thundered at Luca, who was struggling to get up off the floor after Nathanial’s powerful kick had propelled him through the stone wall of the room. “You do not have the strength to beat me, boy! You refused to learn! You ignored all my teachings! That is why I banished you! You will never become king!”

Luca took an uneasy step back, seeing the murderous, cold look in his father’s eyes as he stalked towards him. “You’d really kill your own son?” he asked, unable to contain the fear in his voice.

Nathanial lunged at him, driving him to the floor. He held him still beneath him, his weight bearing down on him. “As sure as you would kill me, Luca.” He called out behind him to Ryan, “Stake!”

Still in wolf form and in the process of finishing off the final wolf left standing, Ryan heard Nathanial’s call. He swept his paw at the wolf, breaking his neck instantly in one powerful motion. He spotted the stake lying a few feet away and bounded over to it. He picked it up with his teeth and swung his head towards Nathanial, tossing it to him.

Nathanial shot out his hand behind him and caught the stake without even looking. All he needed was instinct. He spun it around expertly in his hand and brought it down towards Luca’s heart.

“Nathanial!” a voice thundered through the room suddenly.

He stopped short, recognizing it instantly. A flash of bright, white light obscured his vision for several seconds. As it cleared, he looked up to see her standing before him.

“Oriana,” he gasped.

Begin book three, Fated Ties.

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