Fated Betrayal(The Twisted Destiny Saga Book 2)(3)

By: Franca Storm

“Saving your lives.”

“What?” Ryan snapped.

Vazra heaved a heavy sigh as he revealed, “That night, it came to my attention that the Vampire Prince had sensed the spilling of my daughter’s blood—during the ritual. I raised a temporary veil around the both of you to hide your location from him while the ritual occurred. I couldn’t risk him interrupting it. He would have killed you both.”

Ryan shook his head. “Luca wouldn’t have been able to cross the threshold of the house. He wasn’t invited.”

“Michael has that ability—his black magic allows it,” Vazra explained. “He could have granted him access. And both beings are at their weakest for a while after a bonding. You both would have been too vulnerable to fend off an attack.”

Ryan locked eyes with Cora. Fucking hell. That explained why Luca had nearly killed him outside the house that night.

“Unfortunately, using my magic across the realms takes a great deal of power. It drained me very quickly and I wasn’t able to sustain the veil for very long; it was just enough for you to complete the bonding.”

Cora stepped towards Vazra cautiously. She held out her hand to him as she said, “Thank you, father.”

Vazra smiled and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into him and holding her tightly. “I have missed you dearly, my child. Sending you away all those centuries ago caused me great grief. You are my only child, Cora.”

Cora pulled back suddenly and choked out, “Centuries ago? I’m only twenty-nine, father.”

Vazra stroked her hair gently as he told her, “In human years. You’ve lived in the human realm for that long. You don’t remember your life here in the White Realm. You lived here for over a hundred years with your mother and me. But when Ryan was banished and I was forced to agree to your betrothal to Luca, I sheltered you in suspended dormio—sleep—in the human realm for one hundred and seventy years.”

“What?” she exclaimed, pulling back in shock. “So, I’m Ryan’s age? Almost three hundred?”


She turned away and ran her fingers through her hair in distress. “I’ve spent most of my life in a forced sleep?”

“That’s why it took so long for her to find me,” Ryan realized. He growled low in his throat at Vazra, a dangerous warning of a growl. His eyes shone with the sign of a shift. “How could you do this to her!” he thundered. “To your own daughter!”

Ryan lunged at him in a fit of rage.

Vazra held up his right hand calmly. A flash of white light burst from his palm and shot out towards Ryan. It shimmered around him, enveloping him in something akin to a bubble. Ryan growled. His claws sprung free and he clawed at it repeatedly, but it was unbreakable. The king’s magic was too strong, even for the King of the Wolves.

Cora rushed towards him and yelled at her father, “Stop this! Release him now!”

“I will as soon as he calms down. He was on the verge of shifting.”

“Ryan, look at me,” Cora said.

But Ryan refused to do so. He was too angry to listen to reason. Vazra had kept her from him all these years, much longer than he had even realized. He’d had no idea that she was his age. He’d known that the Princess of the White Realm was his destined mate and he’d known Vazra had hidden her in the human realm, but he’d had no idea it had been for so long in a sleep-induced state. He’d thought her to have been born only recently and hidden as soon as her mother had given birth to her in order to avoid the treaty. He’d thought she had only been twenty-nine years of age, just as Luca had. Luca was supposed to be betrothed to her by her thirtieth birthday, but now it was clear that that was long past. She was only almost thirty in the human realm. In the White Realm and Dark Realm—in the supernatural world as a whole—she was one year away from her three-hundredth birthday, just like him. If he had known, he would have found her sooner. They could have lived so many lifetimes together already. They had lost so much because of Vazra’s deception.

“I was trying to protect my daughter, Ryan,” Vazra told him.

Cora gazed at Ryan sadly. “We can’t change the past, Ryan. But we have the present. I am here now. And so is our child.”

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